Which of the 53 are still in danger?

David Nelson bested the Turk

(WECK 1230) — Here’s the Bills depth chart as of midnight Sunday:

QB: T. Edwards | Fitzpatrick | Brohm

RB: Spiller | Jackson | Lynch

FB: McIntyre

WR: Evans | Parrish | Nelson | St. Johnson | Jones

TE: Nelson | Foschi | Stupar

T: Bell | Green | Meredith | Wang

G: Wood | Levitre | Howard

C: Hangartner


DE: Stroud | D. Edwards | Sp. Johnson | McCargo

DT: Williams | Troup

LB: Kelsay | Torbor | Posluszny | Ellis | Carrington | Coleman | Davis | Moats | Mitchell | Ellison | Maybin

CB: McGee | Florence | McKelvin | Corner | Youboty

S: Byrd | Whitner | Wilson | Scott | C. Harris | D. Harris


ST: Lindell | Moorman | Sanborn


So, who is in the most amount of danger currently on the 53-man roster? Well, both Dominique and Cary Harris aren’t in pretty positions. Six safeties?? Sounds like a burrito lover at a Mexican food buffet. Cary’s in more danger than Dominique, who at 6’2″ is a very tall corner, but capable.

I think the majority of linebackers aren’t completely safe and Donald Jones may’ve dodged the axe for now, but there are a number of wide-outs who’ve just entered the market.

Josh Reed would do well to re-acquaint himself with One Bills Drive. I’d also argue that if recently cut Lions tackle Jon Jansen fancies a quick jaunt through Ontario, the 34-year-old is likely a much better option than Cornell Green. Troy Smith would make cutting Brian Brohm appealing. Dolphins tight end David Martin would be a nice addition.

In terms of the practice squad, I see several as options. Surely Levi Brown and Joique Bell top the list of recently cut eligible squadron members, with Naaman Roosevelt very close to the top as well. Ellis Lankster, Nick Hennessey and Andre Ramsey would be my favorites amongst the rest of Saturday’s cuts.

The Bills could do worse than Zac Robinson for the practice squad

Former third-round WR Juaquin Iglesias has been cut by the Bears, who’ve also let loose Dan LeFevour. Cowboys tight end Martin Rucker hasn’t exposed his promise at the NFL level yet, but would be a worthy risk. Guard Selvish Capers is a player I was hoping the Bills would choose in the third-round. Maybe Bills OL coach Joe D’Alessandris can find what the Skins couldn’t. Quarterbacks Zac Robinson (Okla State) and Colt Brennan (Hawaii) might be worth a look.

Let’s just say the next few days could be interesting.

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6 Responses to Which of the 53 are still in danger?

  1. Please, I beg you, no more Josh Reed. If the guy catches the ball he just falls down. No RAC. Can we just move on? What good has he done? The guy has kept a real playmaker, Parrish, off the field for way to long. Make it stop.

  2. Why you would rather have Troy Smith instead of Brian Brohm is beyond me. Smith will have a very hard time finding another NFL job and Brohm has way more upside. Also, Carrington is a DE ont a LB – And Josh Reed is terrible. If Reed had played for any other team in the league other than Buffalo, he would have been out of the league 5 years ago. His hands are average, he is slow, he cannot beat coverages, he can’t score, and he can’t gain YAC. Time to turn the page.

  3. Nick what is so appealing about Troy Smith? The Ravens loved him so much they cut him. And I like Josh Reed, but his time has come and gone.

  4. Why not Josh Reed. At least he is not afraid to go over the middle and take a hit for a first down…

  5. I’d like to see Brohm replaced with a mobile QB for Gailey to play with. Troy Smith would fit. But, I’d like Patrick White because he’s hoooot. ;)

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Josh Reed back once we realize for the 3rd time that Roscoe isn’t physical enough to play WR.

    Nice call on David Martin. But, there’s a good probability he’s finished. Serious knee problems and sports hernia injury. And it’s not as if Miami had great TEs either.

    Colt Brennan, no.