Two-game Suspension Sets Stage for Saturday

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Jason Pominville (AP Photo)

(WECK 1230) — The picture is the problem.

Jason Pominville was wheeled off the ice on a stretcher after a blindside hit from Chicago defenseman Niklas Hjalmarsson — WATCH THE HIT HERE — who was later suspended two games for his boarding between the two and nine on Pominville’s back. The images will stick with viewers and players for a much longer time than a player wobbling off the ice somewhat on his own power.

Believe that Hjalmarsson wasn’t trying to turn Jason Pominville into pomegranite juice. For one thing, Hjalmarsson is far from a dirty player. In fact, he’s pretty much been squeaky clean. In 77 games last season, he took just 20 penalty minutes (all minor penalties). At one point, he went 22 games without being whistled for an infraction. Throw in the playoffs and he played 99 games, committing just 13 minors.

It puts an end to a 335-game ironman streak for Pominville, which is a true shame. The Sabres are fired up, but it obviously has more to do with the outcome of the hit rather than the offense itself. Throw in the fact that Pominville is about as big a class act in hockey as you’ll find, and it’s bound to ruffle extra feathers in the Sabres room.

Fact of the matter is two games would probably feel about right to the team if the situation was reversed and Pominville barrel-rolled Hjalmarsson in Chicago.

It might feel grimy, but it’s no coincidence that Colin Campbell suspended Hjalmarsson just long enough to see the business end of the Sabres/Hawks series on Saturday. “The Sheriff” had almost 1,600 PIM in the NHL and appreciates old school justice. If you want to say that’s sad, fine, but it’s sad but true.

Just like Brian Campbell eventually had to fight R.J. Umberger, Hjalmarsson will have to match up for his transgression at the United Center on Saturday evening. The Sheriff has opened that game up to mob justice, and the Sabres are going to get all Corleone if he doesn’t issue a stiff warning. If he does warn the team, it would ring quite hollow in Buffalo and God forbid Saturday’s the day someone gets really hurt. Campbell and the league will reap what they’ve sown in short-sightedness.

Either way, set your DVRs.


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6 Responses to Two-game Suspension Sets Stage for Saturday

  1. I disagree on this one, Mr Mendola. This punishment is not enough. If one of our guys threw that hit, he’d deserve a longer suspension, too.

    If the NHL were at all serious about stopping these kinds of hits, there would be a real suspension. Having him come back on Saturday, of all things, is an even bigger farce. I guess the NHL wants retaliation??

    Also, how in the hell is that hit equivalent to Wisnewski’s obscene gesture? If they’re going to give 2 games suspensions for BJ gestures, a hit from behind should be a month suspension. No one ever died from a BJ gesture. (An actual BJ might be a different story.)

    The one thing I’ve learned from this: The NHL doesn’t care about hits from behind. Until someone dies, they will continue to slap wrists.

    • The NHL had the misfortune of having to announce the suspensions on the same day. They really shouldn’t be equated, but it’s impossible for fans not to make that connection.

  2. Payback time…A 10 min and game misconduct for our boy Patrick K. is worth it this Saturday! Make him know he was wrong and CAN’T get away with it with just a slap on the wrist.

  3. Team Pussy isn’t going to a thing about that hit anyway, so who cares? I’m sure Goose will try to “hit” someone, but once the fact dawns on him that he couldn’t catch a turtle with a severe limp, things will fizzle out as they always do when Team Pussy are involved.

  4. How was that a hit from behind. Hjalmarsson’s feet were in front of Pominville, and the hit was shoulder to shoulder. If you’re going to stand still with your head down, expect to get jacked. Other than there being an interference penalty for contact before Pominville had the puck, a suspension is an abuse of power. If Pominville wasn’t injured, I’m confident there would be no suspension. Another fine example of American morality interfering with law. And Homer Jeanneret continues to be an embarrassment to Buffalo with that call.

    • Watch the angle at 1:41, the shoulder goes between the two and the nine. Pominville braces for a hit from the side. This is one of those instances where the smarmy “if you’ve played contact ice hockey, you get it” line comes in. I can appreciate that some who haven’t played get it. I’ve taken and made that hit plenty of times… you’ve got get around to the front to make it legal.