Top Three Lines: Winnipeg Jets 2, Buffalo Sabres 1 (OT)

1) Hockey can be a cruel game, as evidenced by the quick whistle before Ville Leino could tap home a possible loose puck that cost Buffalo a regulation win.

2) Yes, Jhonas Enroth was again beaten high-glove again, but he allowed one goal over 60 minutes and made some fantastic saves (When you can’t score more than a goal on home ice against a team that’s three points ahead of you in the playoff race, you don’t deserve to be ahead of said team).

3) In a tale of the polar opposites that exist with two young kids, Tyler Myers did nice work at both ends of the rink while Luke Adam made it an even nine games without a point.


2 Responses to Top Three Lines: Winnipeg Jets 2, Buffalo Sabres 1 (OT)

  1. Perfectly said. How many times can you keep saying “we had chances but didn’t convert” before that gets translated into “ya know what, we’re just not a good team?”

  2. They’re a middling team that requires great goaltending from their high priced starter to near the elite level. That’s been the case for 5 years now, and a bombastic owner willing to pay top dollar for the available aging above-average talent won’t change that.