The latest “Sabres are wusses” fury: Miller v. Lucic

I heard the Sabres/Bruins postgame show and heard the uproar over Milan Lucic running Ryan Miller and Buffalo’s lack of proper response. If you missed it, you can watch it before we go on:

Now I’m not going to take more than a paragraph or two to wrap up what happened because there’s a killer boxing match about to start involving “millions of hits,” so here goes:

Milan Lucic is the baddest talented hockey player since well-past John Leclair and Kevin Stevens, back to Cam Neely. What do all those players have in common? You don’t want to mess with them, and they can pretty much do what they want.

So Lucic running Miller is hardly a surprise. It was a charging penalty, mostly because Miller is a goalie and the officials needed to cover their bases by calling a foul. The Sabres immediate response to the offense was mostly fine in my book, given their personnel. Miller tried a blind baseball swing back at Lucic. Thomas Vanek tried to knock the train over. No dice. Andrej Sekera shoved Lucic and looked around for reinforcements. Not seeing any coming, he buried his head and hoped for the least beating possible. I’d like Paul Gaustad to look more interested in getting to Lucic, and maybe it’s above Tyler Myers’ weight class right now.

As for running Tim Thomas, whatever. Boston is built to beat the tar out of teams. The Sabres aren’t. Does it make them weaklings or cowards? That’s your call, but my opinion is you better be just as outraged when the Sabres’ Lucic makes it up to Buffalo. Zack Kassian will do the same thing, because he can back it up. Everyone needs a villain, and I’d trade half the Sabres for Milan Lucic right now.

So, the hit: Dirty? A little, but I’m not crying. There’s a part of me that wonders if the Sabres lack of response in these situations isn’t:

A) Ruff-driven post-Neil/Drury


B) Miller-driven.

It’s naive not to at least explore the thought, not that we’ll ever get an answer from the locker room or Miller.



11 Responses to The latest “Sabres are wusses” fury: Miller v. Lucic

  1. Hockey would be a lot more tolerable without these constant pointless dick measuring contests by the players and fans, like it’s WWE.

    Also, I disagree with rules that allow goalies to not be touched, yet they play the puck like that.

    Also, Jack Edwards >>>>>>>>> Rick Jeanneret.

  2. Hockey without physical play would be unwatchable. It’s people with ideas like Leelee^ that are ruining the sport. 90’s Sabres with Ray and Barnaby were the best and sadly it’s being stripped from us. No response on that hit was pathetic. I don’t care who’s on the ice, you need to get at him, and if you cant hit him cause your tied up you hit the player tying you up. If your to small to fight Lucic than get your ass kicked, at least it will show a little team pride and heart that you fought an unwinnable fight because it was the right thing to do. This just sent a message to the league that they can do whatever to our goalies or even if they just play physical against us we wont do anything. That attitude wont win us anything.

  3. So…anyway…. I couldn’t help but wonder if the guys just weren’t willing to get into it for Miller. Doesn’t that sound awful?! But seriously when has kaleta turned down a reason to clean some guys clock???

  4. Yeah, I pretty much agree with you Nick. I hate when my fellow Sabres fans get all moralizing and call out Kaleta (and will call out Kassian in the future). Like it or not, that stuff is all part of the game now, and I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime in the future. It makes no sense for the Sabres to eschew that part of the game in order to hold the moral high ground. This is hockey, not waterboarding.
    You’re also a pretty smart and well connected guy – with your comments and the anonymous Sabre quotes discussing “not playing as well in front of Miller” is there some sort of riff between the rest of the team and Miller? Are Gaustad and he no longer bros? Or am I just reading too far in between the lines?

  5. it wasnt a nice hit Lucic put on Miller, but we have all seen way way worse. What if Millers stick hit Lucics face when he took that golf swing at him? What if it took his eye out or broke/ bloodied his nose? Lucic would have deserved it, but everyone would be bitchin that it was an over the line response to a questionable hit. This is hockey, Miller has a right to be angry, but he should be angry at his coach and maybe his teammates. It wasnt long ago that Bruin fans were questioning the hearts of the Bruin players of a “lack of response” regarding Savard and Beregeron getting tuned up in the head, so everyone needs to chill

  6. “Also, Jack Edwards >>>>>>>>> Rick Jeanneret.”

    Congratulations, “Leelee Tennis,” you just said the wrongest thing in the history of the Internet!

  7. “90′s Sabres with Ray and Barnaby were the best and sadly it’s being stripped from us.”

    That really says it all. Those teams were bad, except 97 solely due to Lord Hasek. Sabres’ fans care about tough guys more than winning games. If I were owner, 20 Bob Boughners for you, “Hockey Heaven”.

    “Congratulations, “Leelee Tennis,” you just said the wrongest thing in the history of the Internet!”

    This happens every time I mention Jeanneret. Homers, he can’t follow the play at all anymore. The time to retire was a decade ago. Even Mendola would be better.

  8. I think the hockey guy you were working with was carrying you since he went to WGR.

    Also, O’Loughlin carried WECK since he’s now on TV daily with some hot blonde that spews neocon stuff.