“The Late Nick Mendola” Podcast, 11/14/11

Sunday’s “Immediate Reactions”

Today’s edition features, in no particular order:

— The Bills problems sans Shawne Merriman and Kyle Williams

— The very real notion of elderly female Jehovah’s Witnesses or something of that ilk

— The widespread but vague knowledge of Jerry Sandusky’s misdeeds?

— Miller/Lucic; How do you solve a problem like Paul Gaustad?

Here it is, Download and listen. Email: nick@fcbuffalo.org

5 Responses to “The Late Nick Mendola” Podcast, 11/14/11

  1. I completely agree with your point on Miller. The hit was hard and if Lucic had charged him in the crease I think I would be a lot more outraged than I am. (I think what I’m really angry about is that Lucic KNEW he’d be able to take an open ice hit on Miller and GET AWAY WITH IT) But, Miller coming out that far and then expecting to be treated with kid gloves? That’d be like Fitz deciding to run the ball and getting mad because he got tackled. Stop the puck, make the save, don’t do weird things (which, btw, then leave the net wide open! Didn’t matter in this case, but that seems to be another issue with him lately!!)

  2. I take your point about Williams and Merriman. Merriman rocketed out of the gate in the preseaon with something like 4 sacks against Chicago. He seemed to fade after that. Earlier in the season they also had an uncanny ability to get INT and turnovers at crucial times. A lot of that was because of the good pass rush. Sadly, unless they turn it around against Miami this will begin to look like a typical Bills season from any time in the past 10 years. It seemed like this year would be different, however.

  3. So, Dez Bryant and Anquan Boldin???!!! (is it 2006?) are “elite”… and Stevie Johnson and RODDY WHITE aren’t in that class. C’mon, man. Maybe you shouldn’t talk about other NFL teams.

    If goalie equipment isn’t enough to handle being pushed, then there should be rules that goalies cannot leave the crease to play the puck. The current rule where goalies can touch other players is garbage. I recall Tim Thomas checking an opponent forward in the playoffs last year and NHL.com lauded the play. Garbage.

    Paul Gaustad stinks, and fighting means nothing towards winning hockey games.

    • I briefly considered Roddy White as elite until I realized that Atlanta knew they had him and still traded their future for Julio Jones. Stevie has been straight-up minimalized with the exception of one completion against Revis. Boldin = baller status, as the kids say.

  4. As Bills followers this season, we know the importance of having 2 WRs. Julio is a freakish talent and the Falcons haphazardly went all-in to get him because they were desperate at WR2 (Michael Jenkins starting as long as he did was criminal, along with the liars that continuously said he’s the best blocking WR ever when he sucks at that too). Unfortunately, both White and Jones have been dinged up this year, and Matt Ryan is meh.

    Boldin is in the Terrell Owens phase of not being able to get any separation, and can only outmanuever lousy corners with his size and guile. He’s far from elite. You’re silly.