The “Get” List

It’s as easy as this: put me in line for an interview with any of these guests, and you can come into the studio for a segment or two to host the show with me. Basically, you make the call on topic, et cetera.

Ad-Rock (or any Beastie Boy)

Ernie Banks

Larry Bird

Carlos Bocanegra

Don Cherry

Clint Eastwood

“The Fab Five” (any member)

Shay Given

Tom Hanks

Levon Helm

Bobby Knight

Peter Krause

Cormac McCarthy

Christopher Meloni

Actors/actresses from “The Mighty Ducks”

Bill Murray

Cam Neely

Negro League ballplayers (any)

Bobby Orr

Clive Owen

Pearl Jam (any member)

?uestlove (or another member of The Roots)

Rakim (of Eric B. & Rakim)

Brian Regan

Don Rickles

Cal Ripken

Alan Shearer

Bruce Springsteen

Tom Waits

Fred Willard

(CHECK!) Michael K. Williams (any main cast member of “The Wire”)

Brian Wilson, the SF closer or the Beach Boy. Preferably the SF closer. (added: 10/29/10)

Kate Winslet