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Top Three Lines: Chicago Blackhawks 6, Buffalo Sabres 2

1) This is my least favorite Sabres team of all-time. 2) Derek Roy and Drew Stafford are playing as if they are in one of the dreams in “Nightmare on Elm Street” and there is no plausible way they are escaping hockey doom on any given play. 3) When Jhonas Enroth looks that far out-of-it,… Continue Reading

Top Three Lines: Buffalo Sabres 3, Toronto Maple Leafs 2

1) Question: Thomas Vanek and Jason Pominville account for what percentage of the reason the Buffalo Sabres aren’t the leading candidate for the No. 1 overall pick in the NHL Draft? (If you’re looking for an answer, I’ll hazard a guess of 79.4 percent) 2) It would be excellent if this happened more than twice… Continue Reading

Top Three Lines: Winnipeg Jets 2, Buffalo Sabres 1 (OT)

1) Hockey can be a cruel game, as evidenced by the quick whistle before Ville Leino could tap home a possible loose puck that cost Buffalo a regulation win. 2) Yes, Jhonas Enroth was again beaten high-glove again, but he allowed one goal over 60 minutes and made some fantastic saves (When you can’t score… Continue Reading

Top Three Lines: Carolina Hurricanes 4, Buffalo Sabres 2

1) It’s no surprise that Lindy Ruff keeps trying to prop up Ryan Miller — who again was ordinary-at-best tonight — because the only way to consistently win hockey games without good center play is with an A-plus goaltender. 2) Really, you can’t even adopt the “Where’s the leadership?” line because Thomas Vanek and Jason… Continue Reading

Top Three Lines: Buffalo Sabres 4, Edmonton Oilers 3

1) The Sabres won by seizing the control young Edmonton laid for the taking after Buffalo took a 3-2 lead and credit Drew Stafford for being everything the Sabres thought he became last year… at least for a night. 2) Thomas Vanek is having such a good season that he could’ve been a star on… Continue Reading

Top Three Lines: Toronto Maple Leafs 3, Buffalo Sabres 2

1) This team is a nightmare right now and the biggest monster is Drew Stafford who can’t find a handle on his game even while giving pretty decent effort (Looks lost). 2) This is the first game I feel you can blame on injuries due to the fact that there was production from the three… Continue Reading

Top Three Lines: Buffalo Sabres 5, Toronto Maple Leafs 4

Two lines are officially not enough for me to describe why the Sabres won or lost. For more thoughts on any game,┬áhit up my Twitter feed. 1) Thomas Vanek had three goals in his last 14 games and now he has four in his last five after the brace tonight, but it was Zack Kassian’s… Continue Reading