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Immediate Reactions: New England 49, Buffalo 21

Twitter // Facebook Usually, I write an overview. This color-coded scheme is a pretty good overview. Our Bills were embarrassed. — So the guts of this game was the guts of the season and will be the guts of the offseason: Stevie Johnson. No. 13  was benched after costing his team 15 yards with a… Continue Reading

Immediate Reactions: Bills 34, Patriots 31

Twitter. Go to my Facebook for a video of the game-winning field goal from the seats. Fun. The game ended, the defeated New England Patriots — yes, defeated – rushed off the field. The victorious Buffalo Bills attempted to keep their win as business-like as possible, celebrating in the middle of the field before also evacuating to… Continue Reading

Brady’s injury and its repercussions

“It’ll be a great Monday and a fun week to be a Bills fan, especially if Brady’s knee exploded,”–Me, two hours ago That statement, uttered in my “Immediate Reactions” column mere hours ago, was tongue-in-cheek, but now I’ve bit my tongue clear off (which will make it very difficult to host a talk show, so… Continue Reading