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SONG: “Centerman”

An ode to Darcy Regier’s search for the man in the middle. Centerman – AudioBuffalo.com Email: nick@fcbuffalo.org LYRICS: Waitin’, watchin’ the clock, another loss, it’s got to stop Fans will take no more, the playoffs out-of-reach Excuses are out the door, so much hubris Didn’t win with Gratton or Dainius Zubrus He lies and says… Continue Reading

The Gulf Between Golf and Round Two Wears No. 19

(WECK 1230) — He’s still here, you know? The No. 5 pick in the 1999 draft. The penalty-killer, power-play-passer and sleight-of-hand stick handler. The $4.5 million price tag. The “trade him before it’s too late” center. All-in-one blue-and-gold uniform labeled  Connolly. He’s handled himself with class this year, a season marked by folks like me… Continue Reading

Time for Darcy Regier to Show Some… Guts

(WECK 1230) — A couple days back The Buffalo News ran an article with a lot of quotes from Darcy Regier. It made the general manager seem to be his old patient self, content with his players… which he very well may be. Then comes today’s piece by ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun which takes my particular… Continue Reading

Connolly: Making little difference for $4.5 a year

(WECK 1230) — There’s a liner on my radio show that jokes I’ll “do the dirty work in the corners so Tim Connolly won’t have to.” It’s indicative of the relative disdain I’ve had for Connolly during his time in Buffalo. But is he that much of a difference maker, as Darcy Regier has argued?… Continue Reading

Regier Needs To ‘C’ The Truth About Roster

by NATE FOLEY (email nefoley17@gmail.com) (WECK 1230) — The Sabres are not Stanley Cup contenders. This may seem harsh considering the season is only 10 games old, but the team just does not have the make up of a champion. The leadership on this squad is virtually nonexistent. Dressing room leaders like Craig Rivet, Paul Gaustad, Mike Grier and… Continue Reading

“The Late Nick Mendola” — Weds. May 5, 2010

” The Late Nick Mendola” debuted on WECK from 7-10 p.m. Wednesday evening.  I had several old friends and a couple new join the show, which was produced by TJ Schratz and Mike Cline. Mike is performing stand-up comedy in Rochester on Thursday night. I’ll be performing “The Late Nick Mendola” from 7-10 p.m. again… Continue Reading

Trying to cement trade value isn’t easy, but I’ll try

(WECK 1230) –Let me apologize in advance for this random Sunday musing, because it’s kind of a brain-acher (If that doesn’t stop you from reading, what will?). I’ve been looking for the right “in” to attempt this column for a while, and I’ve found a nice half-assed one, so here goes. Jim Matheson of the… Continue Reading

The Time Has Come To Part Ways With Regier

(WECK 1230) — It’s easy to type these words on the night the Buffalo Sabres are vanquished by an inferior — in talent — foe, but let me assure you I decided to post this when Raffi Torres was the team’s only trade deadline acquisition. Sabres general manager Darcy Regier, a superb boon to the… Continue Reading