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Putting Vanek In His Place (Amongst Sabres Greats)

Putting Vanek In His Place (Amongst Sabres Greats)

First off, my apologies on an extended absence in this space. The good folks at Buffalo.com and the Associated Press, amongst others, have taken care of me this early Buffalo sports season, which hasn’t prevented me from this space. As for time for this space, yes. Preventive. Quite so. So let me get you up… Continue Reading

The Power of Hockey & NHL Predictions

I’m only doing the predictions so you read on, in case you were wondering… So Buffalo Sabres regular season hockey is back and I’m reasonably excited about the return of my all-time favorite game. Of course, I won’t be seeing that game because the actually-officiated games from 2005-06 were the equivalent of the world’s biggest… Continue Reading

Is Ruff Enough?

With the Sabres holding an abominable — sarcasm — 2-3 record through five games, I’m reading an awful lot about how Lindy Ruff needs to be removed from his post as head coach. After all, he ruins all European players (except Thomas Vanek and most of the other Euros he’s coached) and the 18-year-old kid… Continue Reading

Why I’ll Pick The Devils and Why The Sabres Aren’t That Team

Why I’ll Pick The Devils and Why The Sabres Aren’t That Team

Game One of the Stanley Cup Final(s) is this evening and I was tantalized by someone proffering the question, “How far are the Sabres from the Devils, anyway?” Where to begin? From an overall perspective, I get it. Last year, the Devils spent the first half of their season urinating on themselves before almost scrubbing… Continue Reading

Good Friday edition of The Late Nick Mendola (Seas2Ep28): Requiem For a Team

AB Podcast Twenty-Eight: Requiem For a Team, 2012 Buffalo Sabres What do the 2012 Buffalo Sabres have in common with “Lost” and Dennis Green? Plenty. Email: nick@fcbuffalo.org… Continue Reading

The Late Nick Mendola, Seas2Ep15

AB Podcast Fifteen: Mario Williams, Lazar Hayward and the Bracketologist Masquerading As a Hero! Email: nick@fcbuffalo.org… Continue Reading

Top Three Lines: Buffalo Sabres 3, Toronto Maple Leafs 2

1) Question: Thomas Vanek and Jason Pominville account for what percentage of the reason the Buffalo Sabres aren’t the leading candidate for the No. 1 overall pick in the NHL Draft? (If you’re looking for an answer, I’ll hazard a guess of 79.4 percent) 2) It would be excellent if this happened more than twice… Continue Reading

Top Three Lines: Carolina Hurricanes 4, Buffalo Sabres 2

1) It’s no surprise that Lindy Ruff keeps trying to prop up Ryan Miller — who again was ordinary-at-best tonight — because the only way to consistently win hockey games without good center play is with an A-plus goaltender. 2) Really, you can’t even adopt the “Where’s the leadership?” line because Thomas Vanek and Jason… Continue Reading

Top Three Lines: Buffalo Sabres 4, Edmonton Oilers 3

1) The Sabres won by seizing the control young Edmonton laid for the taking after Buffalo took a 3-2 lead and credit Drew Stafford for being everything the Sabres thought he became last year… at least for a night. 2) Thomas Vanek is having such a good season that he could’ve been a star on… Continue Reading

Top Three Lines: Buffalo Sabres 5, Toronto Maple Leafs 4

Two lines are officially not enough for me to describe why the Sabres won or lost. For more thoughts on any game,┬áhit up my Twitter feed. 1) Thomas Vanek had three goals in his last 14 games and now he has four in his last five after the brace tonight, but it was Zack Kassian’s… Continue Reading