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Lights On for Shawne Merriman in Buffalo?

(WECK 1230) — If you live on a spiteful island, it’s fairly easy to rip on the Bills move to pick up Shawne Merriman off waivers from San Diego a few months back. After all, the kid with the lightswitch tattoo only practiced for 15 minutes or so before calling it a paycheck for 2010.

But some heralded the move as a good risk for Buddy Nix, and the Bills GM does have a good relationship with Merriman. Our intern Mike Wzontek was bullish on the move. Turns out that Merriman may be one of those few in the league with a sense of allegiance, or that no one else wants him. The Chargers linebacker Tweeted this early New Year’s Day.

“Since I said #2011 is about accomplishing its also about proving and if your a #Bills fan I have some exciting news coming!!!”

There are a number of exciting things Merriman could announce to Bills fans (perhaps grammar lessons?), but here’s to the most logical one: Merriman will sign an “extension” of sorts with the Bills.

My apologies, but “its versus it’s” and “your versus you’re” are top issues for this English major.

Provided he’s not getting Chris Kelsay money — yes, that’s a term — there would be no harm in the Bills attaching themselves to Merriman for a longer period of time. If he’s an absolute waste, he gets cut in August. If he’s even a shade of his former self, the Bills have helped to shore up what has been an abysmal linebacking corps. If he’s great… well, that’s awesome.

Just for fun, here are some more exciting things for Bills fans Merriman could announce:

1) He’s volunteering to pay for a new “Merriman” name plate for any Bills fan with a No. 55 Kawika Mitchell.

2) He’s giving all the $1.7 million he made from the Bills in 2009 to buy the property “The Buffalo House” saloon is located on and letting me re-open it as a place Emerson Etem can call “fun.”

3) He’s convinced Buffalo musician George Skaros to re-united The Dollar Canon, and they will perform “Good Morning, Detective” in its entirety.

4) He’s signed Aaron Maybin to a multi-album deal as rap producer.

5) He’s donated one of his quadriceps to Derek Roy.

6) He’s convinced Ryan Fitzpatrick not to shave by getting the Bills quarterback an offseason job as a lumberjack, sponsored by flannel.

7) He came to confess: he was the second Connolly puncher at “Catwalk For Charity.”

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Merriman move an okay risk

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