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Immediate Reactions: New England 37, Buffalo 31

Follow me on Twitter. And how about Facebook? Today may be the day you verified your suspicions about Chan Gailey as a head coach. — First: Ryan Fitzpatrick. If you’re looking for me to barbecue the non-franchise quarterback after he nearly overcame the world of slop that was his defense and early offensive line play, look elsewhere. You… Continue Reading

Immediate Reactions: Buffalo Bills 24, Cleveland Browns 14

Follow me on Twitter. And how about Facebook? — The C.J. Spiller injury is more than a little alarming, even if Fred Jackson is expected back sooner rather than later. And just when I was about to again label Tashard Choice as “unforgivable as anything more than a No. 3 running back,” he rips off 20 carries… Continue Reading

Immediate Reactions: Bills 35, Chiefs 17

Uploaded post-game audio/video with Mario Williams, Kyle Williams, Marcel Dareus and Leodis McKelvin. It’s sideways, but I’ll do better next time. Follow me on Twitter. And how about Facebook? My prediction from last week’s column: “GREAT news: the Chiefs are still not very good at American football and they are traveling to the Ralph, which is a… Continue Reading

Immediate Reactions: Jets 372, Bills 28

Follow me on Twitter. And how about Facebook? I believe it was the great philosopher William Madison, who after watching the Bills home opener, looked down to Old Man Clemens’ sidewalk and said, “Here’s a nice piece of ^&%&.” It’s super easy to be down on these Bills after such a horrendous — inauspicious at-best… Continue Reading

There Is No Spoon, er, QB Controversy (and almost no one thinks there is)

Former Buffalo News broadcasting critic Alan Pergament gained a reputation inside media circles as one who rarely liked anything that made its way through the sports journalism windmill. If he was talking about you, there was probably an 80 percent chance you were going through a thresher in front of the entire town’s readership. Part… Continue Reading

Names and Numbers: How About a Hand For the Big Uglies?

Trace your finger down the list of quarterbacks to play in every game for the team this year and when it stops on Ryan Fitzpatrick, note the sacks. Regarded as a mobile player, Fitz was sacked less than every one of the aforementioned 14 peers save for Matt Hasselbeck. You may finger this as more… Continue Reading

Immediate Reactions: New York Jets 27, Bills 11

Twitttttttttttttter. Faceboooooooooook. Fitzmagic. Aaaaaaaand sometimes, a team thinks its way right out of its strengths. The Buffalo Bills have succeeded in large part because their playcalling and offensive intelligence has been better than that of their opponents. With some exceptions, the Bills have played to their strengths rather than away from the opposition. In other words, our best… Continue Reading

Immediate Reactions: New York Giants 27, Bills 24

Tweeter. Facespace. There’s something endearing inside this humanhood of Bills fans. We’re all Tweeting and typing about how fun it is to be in games that matter, and while I would never go so far as to say the 11 years of mostly-terrible play were worth it, this is certainly feels like some heck of… Continue Reading

Immediate Reactions: Bills 31, Eagles 24

Koobceaf. Rettiwt. In Week One, the Bills won without raising my blood pressure all that much. I sure hope that can happen again at some point this season. — Wow. Fred Jackson is more than a great story. He’s a great back, and I mean the word great, at least by today’s NFL standards. It was… Continue Reading

Immediate Reactions: Bengals 23, Bills 20

Twitter || Facebook For two consecutive weeks, Ryan Fitzpatrick was indeed Fitzmagic in helping out or even bailing out the Buffalo Bills defense. On Sunday in Cincinnati, the quarterback was simply ordinary, the defense found itself gassed and even the most extraordinary unit may very well have been zebra-striped. Let’s dissect. — When Andy Dalton… Continue Reading