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Immediate Reactions: New England 37, Buffalo 31

Follow me on Twitter. And how about Facebook? Today may be the day you verified your suspicions about Chan Gailey as a head coach. — First: Ryan Fitzpatrick. If you’re looking for me to barbecue the non-franchise quarterback after he nearly overcame the world of slop that was his defense and early offensive line play, look elsewhere. You… Continue Reading

The Late Nick Mendola, Seas3Ep13 “Hanging with WGR’s Dan Cave”

On the day after the Buffalo Bills huge loss to the Patriots, WGR’s Dan Cave stops by to talk Bills, chores, the NHL Lockout and who’s closer to a series: the Red Sox or the Cubs? AB Podcast Sixty-Three: Hanging Out With WGR’s Dan Cave Email: nick@fcbuffalo.org… Continue Reading

Let’s Go Bills Rap 2012, Wk4 v. Patriots

Let’s Go Bills Rap, Week Four Email: nick@fcbuffalo.org… Continue Reading

Immediate Reactions: New England 49, Buffalo 21

Twitter // Facebook Usually, I write an overview. This color-coded scheme is a pretty good overview. Our Bills were embarrassed. — So the guts of this game was the guts of the season and will be the guts of the offseason: Stevie Johnson. No. 13  was benched after costing his team 15 yards with a… Continue Reading

Immediate Reactions: Bills 34, Patriots 31

Twitter. Go to my Facebook for a video of the game-winning field goal from the seats. Fun. The game ended, the defeated New England Patriots — yes, defeated – rushed off the field. The victorious Buffalo Bills attempted to keep their win as business-like as possible, celebrating in the middle of the field before also evacuating to… Continue Reading

“Let’s Go Bills Rap,” Week Three

Bills. Pats. I. Raps. Download and listen to the Week Three edition of the “Let’s Go Bills Rap” HERE… Continue Reading

Brady’s injury and its repercussions

“It’ll be a great Monday and a fun week to be a Bills fan, especially if Brady’s knee exploded,”–Me, two hours ago That statement, uttered in my “Immediate Reactions” column mere hours ago, was tongue-in-cheek, but now I’ve bit my tongue clear off (which will make it very difficult to host a talk show, so… Continue Reading

IMMEDIATE REACTIONS: New England 56, Buffalo 10

510 net yards. 8/11 on third down. 2/2 on fourth down. One punt. Seven offensive touchdowns. One defensive score. 10-0. What. The. Heck? Football teams are not supposed to be as good as the New England Patriots. This is going to — by far — be the shortest of my “Immediate Reactions” columns this year,… Continue Reading