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Nick Mendola’s only Fake Bills Draft (Assuming no trades)

Nick Mendola’s only Fake Bills Draft (Assuming no trades)

Hear Bills Digest/CBS Sports’ Mark Ludwiczak talk draft with me on this morning’s podcast. I’m big on hunches, and the biggest one I have is that the Buffalo Bills have gone out of their way to talk about how much they love draft picks; The rhetoric has been so overwhelming that I believe they could… Continue Reading

Gregg Williams Shouldn’t Coach In the NFL Again

As much as it hurt, I had Gregg Williams back. The former Bills boss whose repertoire in Buffalo involving losing and awkward sound bites had been under the proverbial gun for running a bounty system for his defenders on opposition players. Every defender in the NFL hits and most try to do it in a… Continue Reading

The Late Nick Mendola, Seas2Ep23

AB Podcast Twenty-Three: NFL Bounty Penalty Feels Pretty Hypocritical” Email: nick@fcbuffalo.org… Continue Reading

The Late Nick Mendola, Seas2Ep21

“Stop being horrible to women!” AB Podcast Twenty-One: Williams signing makes it playoffs or bust Email: nick@fcbuffalo.org… Continue Reading

The Late Nick Mendola, Seas2Ep19

AB Podcast Nineteen: Hypothetically, Mario Williams becomes a Bill… then what? Email: nick@fcbuffalo.org… Continue Reading

Inge move good for Bills, puts UB in a predicament

The news that the Buffalo Bills have hired UB Bulls defensive coordinator William Inge to be their new assistant defensive line coach under Dave Wannstedt is bittersweet for me. For one thing, Inge was not only a good coach for my alma mater but a good person to be around. On the other hand, the… Continue Reading

Names and Numbers: How About a Hand For the Big Uglies?

Trace your finger down the list of quarterbacks to play in every game for the team this year and when it stops on Ryan Fitzpatrick, note the sacks. Regarded as a mobile player, Fitz was sacked less than every one of the aforementioned 14 peers save for Matt Hasselbeck. You may finger this as more… Continue Reading

Immediate Reactions: New England 49, Buffalo 21

Twitter // Facebook Usually, I write an overview. This color-coded scheme is a pretty good overview. Our Bills were embarrassed. — So the guts of this game was the guts of the season and will be the guts of the offseason: Stevie Johnson. No. 13 ¬†was benched after costing his team 15 yards with a… Continue Reading

Betting on the Bills Is Hazardous for Your Health

Over the summer, there were those who ridiculed me for thinking the Bills could make a run at .500. I didn’t quite go that crazy, but I did predict a 7-9 season for our Buffalo Bills. Even if the Bills don’t defeat New England, I will be still be a winner. For you see, I… Continue Reading

Immediate Reactions: Buffalo Bills 40, Denver Broncos 14

Twitter.¬†Facebook. Holy moly the Bills got over on the Denver Broncos, whose defense looked a lot like previous editions of the Buffalo Bills. You know, the versions that essentially gave the opposition the red zone 7-8 times a game before tightening up and “only” allowing 23-26 points in a loss that looked extra lop-sided due… Continue Reading