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Levon Helm and Death In Music

Few people affect our souls more than those graced with meaningful pipes and few resonate with as much significance as those that ultimately lead to the demise of Mr. Levon Helm. The Band’s backbeat has died of throat cancer, leaving behind a legion of grateful fans turned mourners. Great musicians become family members to those… Continue Reading

The Late Nick Mendola, Seas2Ep20

AB Podcast Twenty: An interview with Revival Tour and Alkaline Trio member Daniel Andriano Email: nick@fcbuffalo.org… Continue Reading

The Late Nick Mendola, Seas2Ep9

AB Podcast Nine: “The Sabres are a Sting concert, RIP Gary Carter, Dirk Daniels loves “Linsanity” and interview guest John K. Samson of The Weakerthans on his new album, “Provincial” and former Flyers 61-goal scorer Reggie Leach. “ Email: nick@fcbuffalo.org… Continue Reading

Music, Movies, Media: Aggregate Thoughts From a Trying Summer

For a brief but indelible portion of my life I was intoxicated by music so much that I only paid scattershot attention to any sports other than my favorite teams — the nerve!. While I’ve been back in the fold sports-wise for a few years, my belly still burns for the life-accentuating media. JAMMAGE:¬†Over the… Continue Reading

Seventy Years of Otis

In a world where music royalty is actually immortal, Otis Ray Redding Jr. turns 70 tomorrow. The man graced with the sweetest voice to bless my ears would’ve grown more raspy with age, but still carry the aura of the world’s most soulful man. Instead, the voice has been gone for nearly 44 years. Redding… Continue Reading