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Is Ruff Enough?

With the Sabres holding an abominable — sarcasm — 2-3 record through five games, I’m reading an awful lot about how Lindy Ruff needs to be removed from his post as head coach. After all, he ruins all European players (except Thomas Vanek and most of the other Euros he’s coached) and the 18-year-old kid… Continue Reading

The Late Nick Mendola, Seas2Ep29: Roy v. Ruff, Hookers v. Ontario

AB Podcast Twenty-Nine: Derek Roy vs. Lindy Roy, Ontario vs. Hookers Can Derek Roy & Lindy Ruff co-exist? How do Jason Pominville and Ryan Miller play into the equation? Nothing good comes from Ozzie Guillen & Fidel Castro in the same sentence, plus hookers North of the border… a new Friday night for college kids?… Continue Reading

Good Friday edition of The Late Nick Mendola (Seas2Ep28): Requiem For a Team

AB Podcast Twenty-Eight: Requiem For a Team, 2012 Buffalo Sabres What do the 2012 Buffalo Sabres have in common with “Lost” and Dennis Green? Plenty. Email: nick@fcbuffalo.org… Continue Reading

The Late Nick Mendola, Seas2Ep25: I Want It, Sabres

AB Podcast Twenty-Five: What if the Sabres really go the route of redemption? There was a time not too long ago when there was nothing I wanted more than to watch my favorite team play my favorite sports. That iced canes squad was the 2005-06 Buffalo Sabres and Dear Holiness they were wonderful to watch;… Continue Reading

“The Late Nick Mendola, Seas2Ep4”

  Recommended pre-reading: our guest Mark Byrnes’ post in “The Atlantic Cities” from Dec. 15, 2011 on “Buffalo, Then and Now (1902-2011)” AB Podcast Four: Architecture: physically, mentally and societally Email: nick@fcbuffalo.org… Continue Reading

Top Three Lines: Carolina Hurricanes 4, Buffalo Sabres 2

1) It’s no surprise that Lindy Ruff keeps trying to prop up Ryan Miller — who again was ordinary-at-best tonight — because the only way to consistently win hockey games without good center play is with an A-plus goaltender. 2) Really, you can’t even adopt the “Where’s the leadership?” line because Thomas Vanek and Jason… Continue Reading

The latest “Sabres are wusses” fury: Miller v. Lucic

I heard the Sabres/Bruins postgame show and heard the uproar over Milan Lucic running Ryan Miller and Buffalo’s lack of proper response. If you missed it, you can watch it before we go on: Now I’m not going to take more than a paragraph or two to wrap up what happened because there’s a killer… Continue Reading

Sabres take advantage of road-weary Ducks

Chris Ryndak is a producer for The Late Nick Mendola and also contributes to “The Goose’s Roost.” You can find his other work here. (WECK 1230) The Buffalo Sabres found an early Christmas present under their tree last night in the form of a very tired Anaheim Ducks team. The Ducks looked like they had… Continue Reading

One-thousand games from Scotty to Lindy

(WECK 1230) — When Scotty Bowman was relieved of his duties as Sabres general manager on Dec. 22, 1986, the team was in absolute turmoil. Gone was Bowman without a real sniff of the Cup despite doing well in St. Louis and Montreal beforehand. Team legend Gilbert Perreault scored nine goals in his first 14… Continue Reading

What Darcy could do… and what he will

(WECK 1230) — Because I think it’s foolish to yell “do something” without any idea what that something should be, I’d like to proffer some ideas for Darcy Regier before things get cooking at Noon on Thursday. Here’s the thing: I think Regier has determined that whatever value he figured he’d get for Tim Connolly… Continue Reading