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Clash At The Ralph Preview: UB hosts BG

So, here we are, UB fans, standing on the precipice of the second-biggest game in program history. Make your arguments for the International Bowl, Syracuse’s visit or the first of the Turner Gill era, but the only game touching what is essentially the MAC East Championship game is the 2008 MAC Championship match-up with Ball… Continue Reading

Inge move good for Bills, puts UB in a predicament

The news that the Buffalo Bills have hired UB Bulls defensive coordinator William Inge to be their new assistant defensive line coach under Dave Wannstedt is bittersweet for me. For one thing, Inge was not only a good coach for my alma mater but a good person to be around. On the other hand, the… Continue Reading

Opening Week Heightens Expectations for Bulls

Coming off a two-win season, there were far more ifs than expected wins rolling through the minds of UB football fans. IF the Bulls offensive line could hold up at the point of attack… and IF transfer quarterback Chazz Anderson could force defenses to respect the Bulls struggling run game…. and IF pass rushers Steven… Continue Reading

UB Football 2010: Predictions and Preview

WECK GAME NIGHT: UB vs. Rhode Island, 7 p.m., UB Stadium (WECK1230). (WECK 1230) — Once you’ve gone to a bowl game, there is no other goal for a college program regardless of how many starters you lose. The seniors don’t want to hear about building up the team, or a new coach or a… Continue Reading

UB Media Day: Quinn or Die Trying

(WECK 1230) — Many football coaches operate under a shroud of secrecy that allows only a precious few access to any inside information. New UB boss Jeff Quinn is not one of the many. In fact, it’s easy to forget this is his first go-round as D-I head coach after 25-plus season as an assistant… Continue Reading