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The Late Nick Mendola, Seas2Ep29: Roy v. Ruff, Hookers v. Ontario

AB Podcast Twenty-Nine: Derek Roy vs. Lindy Roy, Ontario vs. Hookers Can Derek Roy & Lindy Ruff co-exist? How do Jason Pominville and Ryan Miller play into the equation? Nothing good comes from Ozzie Guillen & Fidel Castro in the same sentence, plus hookers North of the border… a new Friday night for college kids?… Continue Reading

The Late Nick Mendola, Seas2Ep10

AB Podcast Ten: Only a Year of Pegula and Why He May Be Keeping Darcy Email: nick@fcbuffalo.org… Continue Reading

SONG: “Centerman”

An ode to Darcy Regier’s search for the man in the middle. Centerman – AudioBuffalo.com Email: nick@fcbuffalo.org LYRICS: Waitin’, watchin’ the clock, another loss, it’s got to stop Fans will take no more, the playoffs out-of-reach Excuses are out the door, so much hubris Didn’t win with Gratton or Dainius Zubrus He lies and says… Continue Reading

Top Three Lines: Chicago Blackhawks 6, Buffalo Sabres 2

1) This is my least favorite Sabres team of all-time. 2) Derek Roy and Drew Stafford are playing as if they are in one of the dreams in “Nightmare on Elm Street” and there is no plausible way they are escaping hockey doom on any given play. 3) When Jhonas Enroth looks that far out-of-it,… Continue Reading

Number Nine, Number Nine, Number Nine…

It’s late April 2010 and the atmosphere is grim in the Buffalo Sabres locker room. Two centers have been interviewed back-to-back about the fan disdain for their performance in Buffalo’s six-game loss to the Boston Bruins. One, Tim Connolly, isn’t close to saying any of the right things but the other, Derek Roy, is crushed… Continue Reading

Top Three Lines: Pittsburgh Penguins 8, Buffalo Sabres 3

1) Evgeni Malkin is an absolute monster and just having one center better than the Sabres top middleman instead of three — Sidney Crosby and Jordan Staal are injured — was enough to get Pittsburgh by Buffalo 2) Ryan Miller was a garbage monster tonight. 3) Derek Roy is lost on the ice right now… Continue Reading

On Trade Value: Roy and Stafford

I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of what we take for granted and what we overvalue as sports fans, especially Buffalo sports fans. Do we take solid running backs for granted because we have a track record of NFL name-value players running through our lines (Thomas, Henry, McGahee, et. al)? Did we immediately… Continue Reading

Roy’s injury is a death knell… though it shouldn’t be

(WECK 1230) — Derek Roy will miss 4-6 months as a result of a torn quadriceps muscle, an injury that can plague a comeback even longer than that period of time. With Roy hitting his career stride in both effort, two-way play and point production, this is a terrible knock for a hockey team. It… Continue Reading

Heart and Desire?

(WECK 1230) — “Heart and Desire” was a team motto for the Buffalo Sabres in the past, a phrase co-opted with hope by a coaching staff and dismissed by many who watched them. Maybe, just maybe, the true meaning of that phrase was latent, only to emerge when the beaten-down boys were battered even further…. Continue Reading

Roy, How the Times Have Changed

(WECK 1230) —  At the age 27, the player finds himself at a career intersection. Drafted in the first round, the short-of-stature forward has been criticized for lax play in his own zone and all-around underperforming. Sure, he’s scored a bunch of goals, but they weren’t big ones and he’s failed to distinguish himself as… Continue Reading