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College football one-liners: Week Two

— Russell Wilson and Wisconsin look as good as any school in NCAA football right now and I’d pay to watch them play LSU tomorrow. — UB may not have enough to top Ohio and Miami to grab a spot in the MAC Championship Game, but they can find six wins to become bowl eligible… Continue Reading

Guest speaks on Locker, Luck and Lynch

(WECK 1230) — This is the earliest in a season the “which quarterback should the Bills draft” debate has ever begun, so you have to be careful not to fall in love with a guy who drops off the map in the next six months. When KJR in Seattle sports host Dave Mahler called me… Continue Reading

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College Football Rankings, Month One

Follow me on Twitter and Facebook. (WECK 1230) — Here is a nice list of names to consider before perusing my first Top 25 college football poll for this season: Earl Thomas, Sergio Kindle, Lamarr Houston, Jordan Shipley, Colt McCoy and Roddrick Muckelroy. All five players went to Texas and were selected in the first… Continue Reading

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Weekly Bills recap w/ Luke Russert & more

(WECK 1230) — It’s Monday, which means a regular check-in with NBC News’ Luke Russert, a huge Bills fan. We spent the episode talking a whole lot of Bills/Fins, a little November election and even some college football. Afterward, at the 18-minute mark, the podcast takes a play-by-play trip to “Funtime Billsland,” the alternate universe… Continue Reading

Monday Potluck: Baylor, Bills, UB & More

Follow me on Twitter and Facebook. (WECK 1230) — It was a wild weekend for Buffalo sports that spanned from Baylor to the Bills and from the riveting to Rivet. Bills/Dolphins Redux — I still have no love for the punt-snap safety strategy that cost the Bills one minute of play clock and the opportunity… Continue Reading

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UB Media Day: Quinn or Die Trying

(WECK 1230) — Many football coaches operate under a shroud of secrecy that allows only a precious few access to any inside information. New UB boss Jeff Quinn is not one of the many. In fact, it’s easy to forget this is his first go-round as D-I head coach after 25-plus season as an assistant… Continue Reading

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Your next 50-goal scorer & other quick thoughts

(WECK 1230) — Quick thoughts on many things: — I’ve always felt a little sorry Rick Nash, even though he’s a multi-multi-multi-millionaire. In each of the past five seasons,  the big man has not tallied more than 11 power play goals. The Blue Jackets power play had been buried near the bottom of the league for four years before… Continue Reading

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“The Late Nick Mendola” — Weds. May 5, 2010

” The Late Nick Mendola” debuted on WECK from 7-10 p.m. Wednesday evening.  I had several old friends and a couple new join the show, which was produced by TJ Schratz and Mike Cline. Mike is performing stand-up comedy in Rochester on Thursday night. I’ll be performing “The Late Nick Mendola” from 7-10 p.m. again… Continue Reading

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