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Clash At The Ralph Preview: UB hosts BG

So, here we are, UB fans, standing on the precipice of the second-biggest game in program history. Make your arguments for the International Bowl, Syracuse’s visit or the first of the Turner Gill era, but the only game touching what is essentially the MAC East Championship game is the 2008 MAC Championship match-up with Ball… Continue Reading

The Power of Hockey & NHL Predictions

I’m only doing the predictions so you read on, in case you were wondering… So Buffalo Sabres regular season hockey is back and I’m reasonably excited about the return of my all-time favorite game. Of course, I won’t be seeing that game because the actually-officiated games from 2005-06 were the equivalent of the world’s biggest… Continue Reading

Is Ruff Enough?

With the Sabres holding an abominable — sarcasm — 2-3 record through five games, I’m reading an awful lot about how Lindy Ruff needs to be removed from his post as head coach. After all, he ruins all European players (except Thomas Vanek and most of the other Euros he’s coached) and the 18-year-old kid… Continue Reading

Immediate Reactions: New England 37, Buffalo 31

Follow me on Twitter. And how about Facebook? Today may be the day you verified your suspicions about Chan Gailey as a head coach. — First: Ryan Fitzpatrick. If you’re looking for me to barbecue the non-franchise quarterback after he nearly overcame the world of slop that was his defense and early offensive line play, look elsewhere. You… Continue Reading

The Greatest Goal in Sabres History

There are very few things that make me genuinely wistful, in particular for a time or moment before I had any semblance of wisdom (which admittedly is making quite a claim now, isn’t it?). Still, I was stirred tonight in a way that happens too seldom. Maybe it’s the absence of the National Hockey League… Continue Reading

Strictly Stadium Opinion: Live In The Now

You want headlines in Buffalo? Say something about the future of the Bills in Western New York. Believe me, news and sports directors all over the 716 will be falling all over themselves to lend credence to your plan.   If you’re waiting for me to breakdown the dollars and cents of this, you’ll be… Continue Reading

The Late Nick Mendola, Seas3Ep13 “Hanging with WGR’s Dan Cave”

On the day after the Buffalo Bills huge loss to the Patriots, WGR’s Dan Cave stops by to talk Bills, chores, the NHL Lockout and who’s closer to a series: the Red Sox or the Cubs? AB Podcast Sixty-Three: Hanging Out With WGR’s Dan Cave Email: nick@fcbuffalo.org… Continue Reading

Let’s Go Bills Rap 2012, Wk4 v. Patriots

Let’s Go Bills Rap, Week Four Email: nick@fcbuffalo.org… Continue Reading

Immediate Reactions: Buffalo Bills 24, Cleveland Browns 14

Follow me on Twitter. And how about Facebook? — The C.J. Spiller injury is more than a little alarming, even if Fred Jackson is expected back sooner rather than later. And just when I was about to again label Tashard Choice as “unforgivable as anything more than a No. 3 running back,” he rips off 20 carries… Continue Reading

There Is No Spoon, er, QB Controversy (and almost no one thinks there is)

Former Buffalo News broadcasting critic Alan Pergament gained a reputation inside media circles as one who rarely liked anything that made its way through the sports journalism windmill. If he was talking about you, there was probably an 80 percent chance you were going through a thresher in front of the entire town’s readership. Part… Continue Reading