Seizing an Opportunity, Vol. I

(WECK 1230) — Media folks who complain about the state of Buffalo without attempting to find a way to fix it are losers, plain and simple. So, when I read a paragraph in this article regarding a high-speed rail system to New York City, a thousand light bulbs went off (Yes, I know the site is the unfortunately-named

We need to get over our inferiority complex and admit that the idea of business being able to get to and from the city at a quicker, safer rate is a tremendous idea. Stop worrying about being a bedroom community and start thinking about Buffalo being an international hub because if we don’t do it, Niagara Falls will.

Think of this for starters: A rail between Toronto and New York City with Buffalo as the last American stop for passport checks (Presumably, Hamilton or another Canadian city could benefit from this as well). Spilling out into an urban setting, restaurants and hotels could breed another, better airport area. Eventually, we should be able to get to locales like Chicago and Washington without sweating a whole day at the airport and 99 interchanges.

I’m not an urban planner, but let’s embrace the role of a border city and do something that’s actually progressive for once.

As my friend — and Buffalo expat — Jarrod West put on my Facebook:

“The ideas are there, as are frameworks for their implementation. A lack of political will and investment capital are what’s stalling rail projects across the country. High speed rail across NYS is estimated to be at least $11.8 million per mile.”

Let’s do this, Buffalo.


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2 Responses to Seizing an Opportunity, Vol. I

  1. Have to agree 100% Nick…high speed rail is the best method of transportation! I’ve used them overseas, the efficiency and smoothness of the ride are incredible.

  2. As a Buffalonian who lives in NYC, this would make me the happiest girl alive. Hell, if it were fast enough and economical, I’d move back to Buffalo for the weekends and commute into NY during the week. Which would make my daughter happy, because she’d get to see all of her relatives, including the Late Uncle Nick Mendola.