Preseason Immediate Reactions: Broncos 24, Bills 10

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— It’s still merely two games into a preseason, but Buddy might have a lot of explaining ahead of him. The Bills weren’t able to land a single tackle in free agency despite a relatively deep class. We know this was not for lack of trying, as Buffalo at least flirted with Atlanta OT Tyson Clabo, but to walk into camp with Erik Pears and Demetrius Bell as your starters isn’t doing any favors for your quarterbacks (though Ryan Fitzpatrick didn’t do much for his offensive line, either).

We’re at the point where the Bills will likely be able to find two linemen better than their starting right guard and right tackle once cuts start making their way around the league. Furthermore, was Geoff Hangartner that bad of a center that the Bills had to move Eric Wood to center? I can’t pick any games in the past that had me cursing Hangartner under center, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Bills make that move soon (allowing Wood to replace Kraig Urbik at right guard).

The first unit offensive line was pathetic for most of the time they spent in the game. When Fitz had time to operate he was either wildly inaccurate or watching receivers drop balls that hit them in the hands. It was ugly, ugly stuff and we aren’t all that far from regular season football.

— I hate preseason as much as I hate anything insignificant: cold peas, slivers, colored dress shirts with white collars and preseason football. Blech.

— Brad Smith is a really exciting football player. I’m not sure he’ll be as thrilling against first teamers, but fake punts, athletic pass plays and once he’s in the open field, well, wow for a big guy.

— Tyler Thigpen had an alright game, going 11-of-20 for 118 yards and a touchdown. He also showed why he wasn’t able to win a job in Kansas City or Miami. It’ll be fun to see whether Gailey thinks highly enough of Smith to say the No. 2 job is open.

— The hit on Donald Jones was bad enough, but the taunting was absolutely unnecessary. I understand athletes play on adrenaline, emotion and a lot of other things that make it hard to think rationally, but I can’t imagine there are too many places it’s considered classy for standing over a knocked-out man and doing the mashed potato(e).

— I really hate the phrase “when the real bullets are flying.” When the real bullets are flying, everyone should leave the stadium because a football game is not worth getting yourself murdered.

Tim Graham tweeted that the No. 1 running back job is CJ Spiller’s to lose. Spiller is certainly the more dangerous of the two contenders for the job, but I’ve learned to never, ever count out the kid from Coe College. Fred Jackson runs hard and plays strong football. All that said, I’d expect Spiller to get a whole bunch of the touches this year.

— Marcus Easley had a couple alligator arms moments, but he also is still learning how to play wide receiver, let alone wide receiver in the NFL. Easley will make the team, but he may need a lot of time in the film room and practice before he plays a lot. He reminds me of Stevie Johnson when No. 13 was a rookie.

— The touchdown pass from Thigpen to Felton “The Neck” Huggins was nearly impossible to defend. Thrown short and beautiful. Good work.

— I keep reading about how Johnny White is supposed to blow my mind. He’s looked like every other running back not named Spiller or Jackson. This is likely due to the incredible lack of depth on this offensive line as well. Yikes. This is not meant to be insensitive after the big hit he took and I’m glad it’s nothing serious (according to Gailey).

— Tim Tebow has to rank in the Top Ten overanalyzed players in football’s modern era, and he’s only in his second season. I’m still pulling for him and yes, I would trade for him if I was an NFL GM and he was being shopped.

— There’s been a good deal of talk about Terrence McGee being a third corner this year to Leodis McKelvin and Drayton Florence, but if No. 23 is healthy then the only reason he’s playing nickel is because the team doesn’t want to discourage McKelvin. McGee is destined to go down as one of the most overlooked corner backs in Bills history and a class act. Here’s a guy who could’ve pitched a fit about being stopped from returning kicks when he was among the best in the NFL. Big fan of T-McGee here.

— Arthur Moats has a lot of work to do at inside linebacker, and I’m waiting to understand why Chris Kelsay needs to say at OLB when Moats proved more than intriguing during his rookie campaign. I still haven’t minded Gailey’s attitude or playcalling, but his personnel choices are starting me up the ladder toward the warning bells.

— If there were Broncos fans who wanted Marcell Dareus and Bills fan who preferred Von Miller, both had something to gab about during nice performances by both. Bills play-by-play guy John Murphy tweeted that Dareus was unblockable on every play. I’ll take more of that!


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  1. I wasn’t impressed with Denver’s fans during that Donald Jones ordeal either. I didn’t hear them clap when he finally got up and they booed the penalty. Not a classy move in my opinion. That was a really cut and dry penalty.