PODCAST: When Your Squirt Hockey Teammate Is On “The Amazing Race”

PODCAST: When Your Squirt Hockey Teammate Is On “The Amazing Race”

Nick has three guests: First, Nick’s former squirt hockey teammate Max Bichler and his wife Katie are contestants on “The Amazing Race 22″ beginning this Sunday. Then, we bring back  a WECK interview from 2011 between Nick and actor Michael Kenneth Williams (“The Wire,” “Boardwalk Empire”). To start the show, Nick spends a few minutes on Bucky Gleason’s now infamous assertion that Terry Pegula is failing Sabres fans by keeping Lindy Ruff and Darcy Regier around.

AB Podcast Number Seventy-Three: Buffalonians in “The Amazing Race” plus Sabres talk & Michael Kenneth Williams


6 Responses to PODCAST: When Your Squirt Hockey Teammate Is On “The Amazing Race”

  1. Ryan McCabe says:

    While I agree with your take on Mr. Pegula being a positive influence on the team, in general, and for the City environs,but I can’t go as far as a “rebranding” of the franchise. After one drive past St. Kits, Rochester, or Erie, the Sabres are still known as uber-soft underachievers.

    Regardless of Pegula’s business model, once the honeymoon is over, one just doesn’t hit the “reset” button on the business model. Are fans just not suppossed to pay attention to the “men behind the curtain” and wipe out the still fresh memories of non-playoff years and first round failures. This isn’t squirt hockey where everyone gets a trophy. Sure, there’s only one Stanley Cup winner per year, but an organization can show growth, can’t they?

    The Sabres are beyond stagnant and now they are showing regression to the bottom of the league. In 2007, the Bruins were at the bottom of the NHL. Now, the Sabres lag behind the bears and their organization turn around. The Sabres are plummeting to the bottom of the NHL and should reach there this weekend. Last place sure would be easier to take if we were just like one of the hockey hotbeds of Los Angeles, Dallas, Carolina/Hartford, or Tampa Bay that have championship banners.

    Despite Vanek’s recent tear to the top of the NHL scoring race, ask Dave Andreychuck, ask Geoff Sanderson, or any former scores that Darcy brings in here. Ruff’s coaching style is a death knell for their offensive production. Don’t believe me or Bucky Gleason but check the stats. Put up any of Darcy’s trade acquisition over the past DECADE AND A HALF and you’ll see that a majority of those players production slips nearly .50 goals per game once they get into Lindy’s famous “system.”

    What’s wrong with a long awaited shake up? What are we fearful of? Not making the playoffs? That’s what the “Dynamic Duo” does plenty of times anyway. You’re a soccer guy, if these guys were in Europe they’d be in Tourquay by now. As for sporting longevity, Lindy’s not fit to carry Sir Alex’s supporter.

    I still love the club, but something needs to change. Forty-two years is a LONG time to wait. Sabres’ history did not start with Terry Pegula, but it sure is repeating itself a lot lately…

    Great work, Nick on the blog.

    • Nick says:

      Explain the career years for Peca, Satan, Briere, Drury and others under Lindy. New NHL? Ales Kotalik? Stu Barnes? Andreychuk played one year for Ruff and did exactly what he did during the end of his career everywhere else: score on the power play.

      I get the arguments against Regier.

      Thanks for the compliments. I enjoy the conversation.

  2. Leelee Phoenix says:

    Peca had his best year with the Islanders. Just sayin’.

    I’m avoiding the Ruff/Regier stagnancy talk because it’s silly. You don’t fire guys during the season because you’re bored. Mr. Schopp has gone insane this week.

    • Nick says:

      Minor debate point, but fair to point out he’d take his 58 point season & Cup run over the 60 points on Long Island?

      • Leelee Phoenix says:

        Probably. But, those were the glorious Hasek days. Speaking of Hasek, Ruff hasn’t been too good without him for 12 years now. And his Edmonton playoff run was better!

        I’d also be amiss if I didn’t mention Geoff Sanderson (100 speed video game stud), in this conversation. He scored 30 goals for every other team in the league, and nothing here.

      • Nick says:

        you had me at video game stud.