PODCAST: Here Comes Bobby Hurley

So we went to UB spring football practice and left with a new hoops coach. Hear from Paul Peck, Bobby Hurley, Danny White and Will Regan in an Alumni Arena-hosted podcast

AB Podcast Number Seventy-Seven: Talking UB with Paul Peck, new hoops coach Bobby Hurley, AD Danny White and player Will Regan


2 Responses to PODCAST: Here Comes Bobby Hurley

  1. Leelee Phoenix says:

    I loved Hurley at Duke. Quintessential pesky white PG that everyone hated. I hope he can bring some decent talents in.

    This makes up for the baffling Quinn extension, somewhat.

    • Nick says:

      He’ll definitely bring in talent, probably the best the team has seen… it’s a matter of him in-game, which I know little about.