PODCAST: “Brad Riter Should Be On The Radio Every Day”

Old friend Brad Riter of trendingBuffalo.com joins the fray by phone to talk shared and uneasy fan emotions about the Sabres after the firing of Lindy Ruff.

AB Podcast Number Seventy-Four: Lindy Ruff’s fired & TrendingBuffalo.com’s Brad Riter is talking with me about it.


4 Responses to PODCAST: “Brad Riter Should Be On The Radio Every Day”

  1. Leelee Phoenix says:

    Brad sounds like he’s on a walkie talkie.

    Sabres must FIRE EVERYBODY

  2. russell territo says:

    Brad should be on the radio especially while ESPN Parrots and Rome Clones on GR are in a rut. Schopp says the words “just, I, think, and but” over and over. But I just think he just says I just think just too much but…………
    Rome’s every day co-host is his phone number. 1-800-…………
    Brad has his own voice and has grown as a radio host well past the host that abused his callers (me) by sticking them to a single point and questioning them into a corner. Good job Man.
    WGR needs you or you and Nick need a good station to show your professional strengths.

  3. Learn2Think says:

    The amount of things firing back and forth in my head is about to reach a breaking point. To counteract your superb “hiku-ing” (thats a verb don’t bother checking) I will provide you with my own verbose ranting comment.

    The traditional trajectory of how things work is as follows: Football offseason, the Bills announce they signed someone or didn’t, or a stadium deal or not or whatever and regardless of the person/news my reaction is always…. “aaaaw yeah, Superbowl, mark it down.” The season starts I get kicked in the ballbag by my football team usually around week four or five and I begin dreading Sundays until the playoffs roll around and I can start picking which teams I’d like to see lose. The I can’t believe I waited a week for that proceeded by myself practicing my own audition for the walking dead until I fall asleep gets old quick. “Tom terrific, I hope they make you wear uggs in hell” will undoubtedly be replace by “Chip Kelly how dare you take my city out for a nice steak dinner and never call her again!” but I’m used to it and I’m ready for it. Next comes hockey offseason which was always traditionally – “at least we have the Sabres” territory, and however the season plays out – the glorious cycle continues.

    The lockout made that weird. Were we mad? Did we care? We just want hockey, or do we? Even after the announcement came that hockey was back, I wasn’t sure if they had me back quite yet. They’re millionaires, I’m a poor dude, they have more TVs in their players area than I have in my house… Late for a meeting at an establishment downtown I end up having to listen to the first period on the radio while I drive, and RJ being MIA because he’s under the weather isn’t exactly stoking the fires. Enter the skilled play-by-play of Mr. Paul Hamilton. He did it, he got me jacked, I almost crashed my car on the 33, and all the substitute games that Kevin Sylvester called all of a sudden seemed like a bad dream that never really happened. A murky part of my hockey teams future became clear, to me at least. When Jenerrette hangs ‘em up, somebuddy will be able to at least try his shoes on. Ott scores, the Sabres are back, Thomas Vanek makes Sully look a fool for some short sighted twitter remarks, and that’s it. I’m in wholesale. Here’s all my chips. I’m all in. Go hard or go home cut me open and watch the Blue and Gold bleed all over.

    Then the Sabres season began its tailspin. Ey carumba. A certain afternoon sports AM talk show drives me crazy for my drive home, so the new 1270theFan station has been a lifesaver… but national CBS radio isn’t exactly sure hockey exists, so my hand is forced here. The more they talk about Terry Pegula saying the reason we exist is for a cup, the angrier I get. Why is this a big deal? Hasn’t this been the reason EVERY hockey team, that has EVER been in this league, EVERY YEAR since the league’s original 6 inception has existed? Is someone purposely playing for second and I don’t know? Have the Maple Leafs just been trolling the GTA for the better part of a decade? Is the real reason for existence, to find a way to squeeze centavos out of the locals?

    The writing is on the wall, or so I thought. Darcy has again shown his poor vision, and has built his squad with hindsight, not foresight. We ran out of defensmen in 2006? Better sign a bunch and use some draft picks in 2007-2009. We got punched in the face by Boston in the playoffs 2011? Stack the deck in 2013! And here we sit, watching Thomas Vanek trying to skate around a rink with an entire city on his back.

    Like most fans I have favorites, and goats. Personally I feel Gerbe or Ennis need to see the top 2 lines, and Pominville should have been traded for a bag of hockey pucks long ago. (I can hear you with the “how can you not like Pomminville?” routine through my computer as I type this and all I can say is I’ve never been impressed. I won’t even go into the how he is the opposite of Iginla argument. He has always had stud talent as his linemates, and the pattern I’ve noticed is as follows… makes and AMAZING play or snipes a corner so nice that you start talking dirty to your TV, but then he goes away for WEEKS at a time, around 10-15 games between “Aha!” moments, and Oy Vey peppered all over. Never should have gotten the C when he skates on a team that writes checks for an Austrian manbeast whose countrymen would pick him over a mid-90’s governator in popularity contest.)

    Its the week of my vacation. I’m physically exhausted, and mentally drained. The Sabres games have taken on the arc of my Bills Sundays… the anticipation, the disappointment, the mindless wandering. I can’t take it, I’m out, I’m done, go lock out your league again – insert rant from Major II league here.

    Then the bombshell. Lindy gets canned. It doesn’t hit at first me because I feel like it makes sense considering the state of affairs. As time passes it sinks in deeper and deeper. They fired my coach who sent out three goons to run the senators, got fined, and we all offered to pay it for him? The world makes sense still, but things start to get very grey. Then Lindy holds his press conference, and nothing makes sense anymore. Up is down, and left if purple. Even opposites don’t make sense. How do they let this guy go? Why now? Why during the shortened lockout season? Why didn’t I realize how much I loved the idea of Lindy Ruff? Why didn’t I realize through all the ups and downs, and goats, and slugs, Brieres, Drurys, and Brett Hulls, and bankruptcies… the only two constants were Lindy Ruff an overpriced beer.

    Now I still have the Sabres…but what do I have? The media is snarling, the fanbase is venomous, and the chickens are restless. People are hoping to tank the season for a better draftpick… ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The Bills do this to me every year, I don’t think I can take it… but here is the kicker….

    I care.

    I have not cared like this since 2006-2007 when it seemed like the Sabres were making world class teams consistently look like pylons. I loved it then, and my appetite was fierce. More blogs. More updates. More news. I need more! Put it in myyyyyy veeeeeins! (I don’t understand the champagne was non-alcoholic)

    As much as I hate Lindy Ruff walking away and presumably signing with the Flyers, eventually trading for Vanek and winning 10 bazillion Stanley Cups… This is the shot in the arm that I needed. Sure I’ll follow John Buccicross on twitter, maybe he’ll say something about the Sabres this month. I’ll call in to my afternoon radio station instead of just biting my lip and punching my dashboard.

    They stink, but I care.