Paladino’s Food Truck Criticism Rings Hollow

The City of Buffalo needs to get out of the kitchen the same way Lloyd’s taco truck did.

It’s not a secret that I’ve found myself on the other side of agreeing with Carl Paladino more often than not, but it’d be foolhardy to not laud him as a businessman. In fact, Paladino was gracious enough to meet with me when I reached out to many of the top names in Buffalo business about how to make mine (FC Buffalo) succeed around here. It was a genuine solid conversation that became rather personal.

So it isn’t surprising in the least that a good businessman would be standing up for his own interests, even when they run perpendicular to the very causes he championed when running for governor. Free market? Hardly. Paladino’s attempted regulation of the food truck market in Buffalo smacks of corporate acumen rather than small business.

It’s a bully’s world and Paladino has the dollars to command the pulpit, but as Michael Wrona commented on the Buffalo News article (with a slight edit from Bill Maher’s immature “tea bagger” line), “Why am I not surprised that Capitalist, Conservative, Republican, Tea Partier Carl Paladino wants to prevent competition for the food business dollar? It appears all that capitalist, free market, libertarian, small business talk is just talk when you come right down to it.”

The hypocrisy is damning. As I stated before in this space, brick and mortar restaurants need to come to their own rescue. When FC Buffalo was looking for extra vending for our big games, there weren’t any restaurants looking to bring their servers to Robert E. Rich All-High to share in the profits. Lloyd’s taco trucks committed immediately and 3800 people learned of Lloyd’s, not “Restaurant X.”

Stop damning innovation, you old codger of a city.


2 Responses to Paladino’s Food Truck Criticism Rings Hollow

  1. Agreed on this being awful. But, let’s not group others with Paladino, especially libertarians which he definitely never has been.

  2. Today is D-day for food trucks. Without getting into the politics and motivations, it’s general knowledge that people are afraid of what they don’t understand. The brick and mortars and landlords don’t seem to understand that it boils down to trucks like Lloyd’s and the others is that they have a better product than the bland chains we’re accustomed to in Buffalo.

    And, this small way of thinking is happening in Rochester as well. I believe people are smart enough to go where the food is better. And if Paladino wants to get mad and throw his usual temper tantrums and try to stop free trade, fine — he’s within his rights to do that. But if that’s the case, can a decent lawyer petition the courts to have him take better care of his properties. Because if he has enough time to bitch about food trucks, he has enough time to clean up the Greystone.