Niedermayer brings something foreign to roster

For the first time in three seasons, the Buffalo Sabres will have a Stanley Cup winner on the roster.

Not only does Rob Niedermayer have a Cup to his name, but he fits into the category of “letter on his sweater” guys the team has so desperately needed.

At one-year and around $1 million, Darcy Regier did solid work on this signing, and it gives the Sabres two solid face-off guys. Not only that, but it gives Lindy Ruff some flexibility at third-line center. In other words, it won’t be a hassle for fans if Ruff swaps his third and fourth line centers for a night.

Centers: Derek Roy, Tim Connolly, Paul Gaustad, Rob Niedermayer

Wings: Thomas Vanek, Jason Pominville, Jochen Hecht, Tim Kennedy, Tyler Ennis, Mike Grier, Cody McCormick, Patrick Kaleta, Drew Stafford

This also may be a precursor to a Stafford trade — assuming the Sabres are indeed interested in signing Matt Ellis to be their “sits-out” guy — but more on that during Thursday night’s edition of “The Late Nick Mendola” program, from 7-9:30 p.m. EST on WECK 1230 AM, streaming online at


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3 Responses to Niedermayer brings something foreign to roster

  1. Wasn’t Drury a “cup winner” when we got him? Hadn’t Drury won big almost everywhere he went? Well, that sure didn’t make us winner in Buffalo, so why should this signing of a lesser player do the trick?

    Don’t mistake my pragmatism for pessimism, because I do like the signing, and at only $1m, it’s not a huge investment. Maybe Niedermayer will bring some salty veteran leadership that we need. (Then again, that’s what Rivet was supposed to bring, right?)

    I just think this is a “meh” signing. Not bad, but no bigger news than when we picked up Montador last year.

  2. Um… Drury sure didn’t make us winners? We went to the Eastern Conference Finals twice… And didn’t we win the Presidents trophy with Drury? We may not have won the cup, but I’d call that “winning”!

    and I think signing Rob Niedermeyer is slightly bigger signing than Montador…

  3. The goal should be “win the cup”, not “Lose in the Conference Finals”, so yeah, we did not win the big prize with Drury. He did not make the Sabres “winners”. That’s a fact. I don’t think having a past winner of the cup adds as much as Nick’s article suggests. To bolster that point, I can name several players who played for us that had won the cup elsewhere, most notably Drury.

    I compare this signing to Montador b/c they’re both low-production, character guys who play on the third line at their position. It’s not a stretch to say his impact should be similar. (If use salary as a benchmark, Montador was a 50% BIGGER signing, as Montador gets $1.55M/year and Niedermayer is $1M/year.)

    My final point is that fans need realistic expectations. This is a very minor signing of an OK player who is well past his prime. I do not think this will make a huge impact on the Sabres this season. I do not think that is a reasonable expectation for a $1M player. I optimistic that the team will be a relevant force in the division, but that’s not because of Rob Niedermayer.