Let’s Go Bills Rap, Wk8 vs. Saints

I spent most of my last winter in Louisiana and I enjoyed New Orleans weekends almost as much as the time living in Baton Rouge. That said, here’s the hate.

By the way, I loooooooooooooooooooove hearing critics of the Bills rap style as they are efforting to take the golden mic from Rakim. Holy smokes.


8 Responses to Let’s Go Bills Rap, Wk8 vs. Saints

  1. You got some nasty comments last week so I was compelled to comment that my family waits for your rap every week. We play it every Sunday morning to the chagrin of my six year old son who has decided to hate the Bills and to the delight of my two year old daughter who can now sing “Let’s go Bills, let’s go Bills.”
    Keep up the good work!!!

    • Yup. On to the next. I saw 5-6 wins this year (5-11 was my “official prediction”) with an absolute max being 7 or 8. Still seems about right.

      Today’s game was always going to be a loss, under any scenario. As for next week, I wouldn’t be shocked if we beat the Chiefs. They are good, but not thaaaaat good.

      P.S. Thaddeus Lewis is one tough mothereffer.

  2. Mark rodgers in atlanta brendan carlson in nc d wizzy in va beach u got followers alll over the country keep up the good work