Let’s Go Bills Rap, Wk7 vs. Dolphins

Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo BillsIt’s a Thad, Thad World in this week’s Bills rap.


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  1. Seriously, give it up bro you sound so cheesy…do you like listening to yourself? give it up! nobody thinks you are talented at rapping and your voice sounds like TEDDY RUXPIN….and you look like Babe Ruths Ass

    • You nailed it. Nick is trying to be the next Drake. This is his hand-to-god best effort at making slickly produced hip hop. It’s definitely NOT intended to make people laugh. I’m so glad someone else sees the truth.

    • Seriously, Joe? Quit the hate. Tightest flow ever, Nick, you’re the man. Keep up the great work! Where is Week 8?? Buffalo, WHAT!!!!!

  2. Suggestions to Nick:

    1. I only hope that you will continue to favor us with a new Bills Rap each week for as long as you live upon this earth. In fact, might you consider increasing your output to 52 weeks per year? For even the offseason could provide great material. Though it would prove a difficult schedule to maintain, the pleasure of reading even more comments by “Joe Smith” would certainly make it worth everyone’s while. ;)

    2. Turning serious, it would be a nice service to your readers if you might consider posting your Immediate Reactions column here, as well as on the other site where it now appears. It is always an interesting read, and would surely generate some cogent comments on this site. And, if we are very lucky, even “Joe Smith” might drop more pearls of wisdom at our feet.

    3. Please use any influence you may have with the AP, or otherwise, to convince the NHL to grant an expansion team to the great city of Buffalo, NY. Some fans can remember a time when professional hockey was still being played here, and they deserve a team to watch.

    P.S. I already like Thad Lewis more than EJ Manuel. So far.

    • It’s bad when one could seriously consider rather having Lewis than Manuel. I think odds were against Manuel making the 2 big throws Lewis did. Lewis ran while Manuel was afraid to. I’d also easily take his current college replacement over him. And this is the Bills future that’s hyped to no end. Sigh.

      Nick’s job doesn’t require him to mingle, and probably prefers that he not write here and reads comments from us peons. I get it. Fortunately, it comes at a time when talking Buffalo sports is as fun as root canals. Even I can only root for the local teams to lose for draft position for so long.

      • And, what is most disconcerting about the EJ as franchise QB “hype” is that it will only be prolonged for another year. His injury has provided the built-in excuse – well, just wait until NEXT year, when he’s healthy, and in his second year and, blah, blah, blah – for the Bills to convince their fans that he is The One.

        I remain dubious. I want the kid to be good, but I like very little from what I have seen of him. (I think you and I were on the same page about that) And, yes, it seems we jumped the gun by a few years in drafting a QB out of FSU. Winston looks impressive.

        But I still have some hope for Thad Lewis making this season worthy of our attention. He’s decisive, has good feel in the pocket, knows when (and how) to run, and throws a pretty nice ball (usually). He reminds me of a cross between Fitz and Russell Wilson. Only, hopefully more of the latter will emerge. ;)

        Anyway, why not? Given what will probably be a bad season, let’s have us another good old fashioned QB controversy! I’d enjoy it.

        As far as “rooting for losses”, I just can’t ever do it, even when logic dictates it’s prudence. Winning is all that matters in sports. Win, and draft where you draft. Both our local teams still need 3 things to succeed…Good Management, Good Coaching, Good Players. They don’t all have to be Great, but they DO all need to be…Good.

        Sadly, in most areas, we are still greatly lacking.

        • The Bills record is going to be too good to get Bridgewater, Manziel, etc… so we’re stuck with EJ anyway. But, I hate the mentality that EJ is “our guy” and that’s it, which is only based on the Bills taking him in the 1st round. Always look to improve the QB position.

          I’m very pleased with Thad. His physical limitations relegate him to a backup, but I’m surprised Detroit never gave him a chance. That was a good trade by the Bills. Negated more by the Tuel debacle.

          The draft is where you get players, especially in the NFL and NHL. And especially for our current teams that are lacking a QB and lacking talented scorers. You’re only getting those at a decent percentage at the top of drafts.

          I’d also like to note that if Ron Rolston subscribes to the nonsense he preaches about earning ice time for the rookies… bench Steve Ott for not even trying to play defense. Guarantee he won’t have the balls to do that.

          • Yes, we are stuck with EJ for a while. And that’s fine, since he may still turn out to be pretty good. But, I just want to see him earn the “franchise” label he’s been gifted by being drafted too high. And he can do that by first proving on the field (which he has not thus far done) that he’s a better QB than Thaddeus Lewis.

            Speaking of…It was indeed a good trade with Detroit. Even though we gave up a guy, Chris White, whom I know you liked out of the draft. I liked White okay too, good backup LB, and nice special teamer, but we did get better value with Thad. I had never even heard of the guy, honestly, but when he completed that ball to Stevie while getting his head knocked off, he further validated my initial view of him. He’s tough. I love toughness. And not just in football.

            Of course, if a Luck or Crosby are at the top of the board, then you certainly want to be worst, and picking first. But I still maintain that you can build a really good team by drafting well, no matter your position. Good GM’s can do that. Just Win.

            Doubtful that Rolston benches Ott – Ott is a folk hero here, just like Kiko “the legend” Alonso. Don’t get me going on Kiko. I like the kid, he’s a nice player. But, he’s not the beast, nor legend, that Bills fans proclaim. He makes plays, but he also hurts the defense far too often. Several big runs (Kiko couldn’t get off a block) and one touchdown (Kiko got juked out of his shoes) by the Dolphins on Sunday were directly HIS fault.

            But that’s Buffalo football, where EJ is the “franchise” and Kiko is a “legend”. Hrmph.

      • For the record, I log on at-most once a week right now due to partly to work and partly to coaching. Frankly, I’ve been focusing on my reporting/storytelling for my work with the AP (for whom I’m extremely honored to be stringing) and the opinion work has been saved for Buffalo.com (gotta feed the kid). I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the existence of discussions about my “rap flow.” Holy smokes. I also love anyone who pays attention. Sports are sports.

        That said, Mike, Scotty, Leelee… I love reading the sports takes and opinions, many of which are better than mine. I’m due for Bills midseason, UB bowl eligibility and Sabres early season posts — maybe all in one – for sure (especially considering I can laugh heartily at all the “Fire Quinn” people from last year who are blowing the Bulls this year).

        Maybe I’ll even restart the podcast. Who knows?

        Thanks guys and gals. By the way, if I was doing regular shows right now, one of my No. 1 topics would be the college football polls, which are hilarious. A 5-2 South Carolina team (and I inexplicably root for Spurrier) who beat nearly no one was sitting 3 spots ahead of an unbeaten Northern Illinois team. A 6-1 Va Tech team who also beat no one (and by not much) but gets brownie points for PLAYING Bama sits is one slot behind an unbeaten Fresno team who is super exciting.


        • I’m sad that if UB didn’t settle for paid exhibitions early this year, they might be ranked now also. :(

  3. You guys are so quick to judge but i dont see you guys putting anything out….

    So since ur the “Real Slim Shady”, please Stand Up and show us how much better you rap. On second thought, don’t bc noooobody will care.

    He does these raps for fun and because he is a fan, not because he’s trying to be the next Eminem.

    They are made to make you laugh and are perfect to crank at One Bills Drive while Tailgating.

    Keep up the good work Nick!

    Lets go #Bills on 3!!


  4. Keep up the raps! Some of them get me laughing pretty good. Week 1 was still the best for this season.

  5. Its not funny…its just not funny…im sorry…i bet i could do a better job. ill post a rap and blow it out of the water….better than clear motive lol….

  6. Keep up the good work Nick. Haters gonna Hate. I enjoy listening to your raps before the game. Helps me get more pumped up. Hope you continue to do them. All these people couldn’t do any better.

  7. I for one love your Bill’s raps Nick. It has become a ritual on my Sundays, and I hope you keep making them for a long long time. It’s only a matter of time before these become some form of official Bills song. Whether it just be on WGR, or perhaps one day the Ralph! The assholes that are giving you grief are obviously Dolphins fans. Let’s Go BEEEWWWWEEELLLLLSSSSS!!!

  8. Love the raps Nick. I share them with my friends every Sunday. I’m glad you still take the time to compose them.