8 Responses to Let’s Go Bills Rap 2016, Opening Day

  1. Nice to have Nick and the Rap back! I really want to get excited but…


    I haven’t the inclination to expend much energy this football season in constantly repeating myself. Nothing has changed from the end of last season until now to change my evaluation of the Buffalo Bills. Thus my comments here will be rather short, if not so sweet.

    I’ve said it all before, here and elsewhere. Over and Over.

    -The QB has limited passing skills and is highly prone to injury given his style of play.
    -The O-line is bad on the right side, and barely mediocre at center and the left side.
    -There are no proven receiving threats except for (a healthy?) Sammy Watkins.

    -The defensive line has gotten worse, and will only pressure QB’s when aided by blitzes.
    -The linebackers are terrible, especially in coverage.
    -The safeties are nearly as bad – and two decent CB’s can only cover so much of the field.

    The Bills will continue to utilize a – run and stop the run – approach to pro football. It won’t work. Even if they succeed in both areas it won’t matter one bit. This is a – pass and stop the pass – league. The Bills are not very good at either.

    This team will struggle to keep its head above water all season. They will win some games, of course. They will run the ball, a lot. Tyrod will toss up a few nice bombs, while completing his other passes mostly short and outside. And he’ll scramble, a lot. It will work sometimes, other times he’ll take big hits – making it nearly impossible to avoid injury.

    The defense will get torched through the air. This team is not built to cover. And the good (and great) QB’s they face will light them up for many yards and many points. Mostly, the Bills will try to win every game 16-13. And win some they will. Some. But, when they face the top teams the games will turn into shootouts, or blowouts.

    This is not a very good, or very talented, football team. It is fielding an older and more depleted roster due to injuries and/or suspensions. And that roster is horribly managed and coached.

    For all its problems on the field, the biggest problems are off the field. Terry Pegula has wrongly placed his faith in a conman (Brandon), a glorified scout (Whaley), and a clown (Rex). And I firmly believe that nothing will change for the better, and no sustained success will be achieved, unless/until a whole new leadership takes over at OBD.

    That said, I will don my homer beer goggles and try to make a positive prediction…

    7-9. Sigh.

    P.S. As always, I hope I’m wrong! :)

  2. PS – wish you could have seen the smile on my 4 year old face when this came on as he was eating breakfast – priceless.