25 Responses to Let’s Go Bills Rap 2013, Wk10 vs Steelers

  1. Down 14, early 4th quarter, 4th and 5 at the PIT 36. Punt.

    That’s it. I’m officially done with Marrone. He’s in the poop list like I was immediately with Gailey. 3 years of suffering ahead. Along with EJ appearing highly unlikely to be a top-15 QB.

  2. Soooo…

    I am still waiting for (1st Rounder) EJ Manuel to prove that he’s a better NFL QB than (Undrafted FA) Thaddeus Lewis. But let’s talk about…Rust.

    Rust! Rust? Rust, some will say (including his amateurish Head Coach) was the reason for EJ’s putrid performance. Well, if that is true, why would it not have been equally true for Thad Lewis when he first started (and played quite well) against the Bengals?

    After all, Thad had not played in a real football game for NINE MONTHS prior to that game, and had barely the chance to even work with his new team as a practice squad “scrub”. And yet, Thad Lewis was not rusty at all. To be clear, Thad Lewis has not been Tom Brady great, but he has not been EJ Manuel bad, either.

    Rusty? No. My old 1973 Buick Apollo was rusty. What we saw at the QB position on the field in Pittsburgh was signs of rot.

    A big, shiny, beautiful exterior, yes. But when you look under the hood, you see a sputtering, misfiring engine, mechanically unsound, sitting on a chassis weakened by spots of corrosion.

    Let’s get revved up!

    P.S. Doug Marrone has got a great car to sell ya, Bills fans. A real cream puff. Just trust him.

  3. I await the hardworking, blue-collar love of the Sabres’ moves today.

    Today was easily the worst day for me to listen to the radio.

    Buffalo makes me sad.

    • But, you must admit, it was at least a very smart PR move, if nothing else. The current situation was unsustainable, and since Patty and Ted are demi-gods in WNY, the fans will at least be willing to suffer in silence now. I give Pegula credit (and you know that I rarely grant him kudos for anything hockey related) for making this move now.

      And in the long run it just might work. It will surely be a helluva lot easier to root for these guys than the R&R regime. I wish them well. For me, at least, this rebuild got a lot more interesting. I actually visited the Sabres website today, for the first time in probably a year or so.

      But, you’re right, we must get ready for many many references to blue-collar, gritty, tough, compete, and such. I already cringed when I heard Teddy say he’ll be excited to have John Scott back for the Toronto games. Ugh. This franchise must eventually get to a place where they have no room on their roster for a player like Big John. Ah well, baby steps. Meanwhile…

      Let’s party like it’s 1996!

  4. This was the mother of all PR moves.

    Create a position of power for popular former player who is unqualified.

    Fire the hated GM that been here forever and have no plans to replace him this season. Hey, there’s still guys should be traded and the deadline isn’t far away. Oh, whatever. HAAAAAAARDEST WORKING TEAM IN SPORTS

    Hire the former beloved coach known for ‘hard work’ who’s been blackballed from the league and really isn’t any good at all. Good luck finding a GM that will work with Nolan, also.

    This is insane. And, of course, nobody in town questions this and fawns over the past because that’s what Buffalo does.

    Schopp and Parker mention repeatedly that Regier was an embarrassment around the league. No, he wasn’t. Everyone praises his trades. They understood this was a ‘rebuilding’ phase, and that he was finally doing that the right way. Fans of teams want him now just like it was with Ruff. I understand that change was long due, but the hatred Regier received was ridiculous.

    What is embarrassing? A homer owner doing obvious PR moves like this.

    • Yes, Miss Phoenix, but I know you realize that sometimes in sports (as in life) perception IS reality. Sometimes one must make a move (even a wrong one perhaps) for the right reasons.

      I’m not overly sanguine about these moves either, but A MOVE was necessary. You know how I feel about Pegula, generally, but it would be nearly impossible for him to be more embarrassing than he has been heretofore. And, while your loyalty to Darcy is commendable, he simply had to go; only it should have been done when they scuttled Lindy.

      As far as Patty, though unqualified on paper, he does bring some measure of credibility as a well-respected Hall of Famer. Folks will answer his telephone calls. But, yes, his biggest test will come in finding a new GM. Whomever takes that job will say a lot about how good or bad are LaLa’s credentials in this league.

      And his making Nolan carry the “Interim” tag was not for nothing. Any GM worth his salt would never take that job knowing they’d be saddled for years with a coach they didn’t pick. So, the new guy doesn’t *have* to work with Ted for more than a few months, if he so decides to send him back to Latvia (or wherever) come June.

      Look, it might not work; but it doesn’t have to fail. I suspect part of you is angered by the possibility that the Sabres might actually win some games this year, and thus “ruin” their chances for having that precious #1 pick that self-righteously myopic guys like Jeremy White INSIST is the ONLY way to build a championship team. It’s not. It’s a good way, but it’s not the only way.

      Just win. Winning. Remember? Winning is all you want to do in life. Chess, tennis, anything, everywhere and at all times. No? So why isn’t what’s good for Leelee Phoenix, also good for our hockey team? :)

  5. It doesn’t have to fail. LaFontaine may end up being great at his job. My thought on being unqualified really doesn’t mean much, it’s not like most of these hockey guys are geniuses. My disgust is with how haphazard this appears.

    I’m not loyal to Darcy, I thought he had to go. The results just weren’t there, same for Ruff. I think he was good at his job, though.

    • Agree with everything, except I wasn’t disgusted by the suddenness of the move. But I *was* shocked. Because (like you, I think) I tend to prefer circumstances to be well-planned, organized, and consistent. My brain doesn’t much like spontaneity. But I’ve come to learn that sometimes serendipity, although terrifying to a clockwork brain, can often be a lot of fun. And, after tonight’s game, it’s now perfectly clear…


      So you see, agree or not, for every 1000 Neanderthal type of fan in Buffalo, we still need at least one Leelee Phoenix type of fan to keep the spread sheet balanced.

      P.S. Stop listening to local sports talk radio. (Except when Mendola is on the air) It will only pollute and exasperate your beautiful mind. :)

      • I should stop listening, but I need something to distract me at work.

        Unrequested radio thoughts: Simon and White are the best show, the rare time I get to listen to them. I just dislike when Jeremy gets on his soapbox about something and trolls. Also, <3 Matt Coller. Gaentzler, I just don't care for him, he's so cheesy and the obligatory UB talk is boring. And Nick so half-asses in his weekly appearances there. Schopp and Parker, shoot me. Sal Whatever, you deserve better, go back to Florida.

        I've mentioned Ott before, but I'll do so again because he's a complete waste on this team. So lazy defensively, his constant stupid penalties. Please trade him to a good team where he can be a 3rd/4th line nuisance like he should be.

        • As per your local radio distractions…

          I used to like both Simon and Jeremy, when they weren’t together. Now, I feel Simon defers too much, because Jeremy is the “younger, smarter, hipper” guy. I still like Howard okay, but White’s self-righteousness is like nails on a chalkboard to my ears. I don’t mind him having an opinion (I sometimes agree) but it’s his CERTITUDE about everything that grates, especially since he’s as often wrong as he is right.

          At least Rich G. is better to listen to after Bills games than Schopp and Parker.

          I’ve always liked Bulldog for some reason, and I still do. He is unpolished, but uses common sense, and handles conversations (even with Neanderthal callers) with more tact and respect. And he’s not so dumb, as many people think. I like him, but not with Mikey, for whom I still feel pity. So I almost never listen to that show anymore.

          Almost since he arrived I have felt that Sal C. is the best guy working at WGR. At least since Mendola left. (Yes, shameless pandering there) ;)

          As for Ott: he’s a nice little rat for any team to have. But no way should he be a “leader” on this team, let alone the Captain. Anyway, after tonight’s loss to Philly, maybe Latvia is starting to look good to Nolan, huh?

          And, finally, didn’t I tell you that EJ Manuel is the man! Rookie of the Year! League MVP! Super Bowl Champ, for sure! ;)

          Good grief. The kid played very well last week, and for that I’m happy. I want to be wrong about him. That was by far the best game that EJ has played as a pro. But, one giant leap forward; one small step toward earning the label of “franchise” QB. Many more yards to tread.

          …And miles to go before I sleep.
          …And miles to go before I sleep.

          • Ott and Miller likely not being traded now is irritating. I don’t know if Miller has any value now, but I’d bet Ott could at least get a late 1st from a championship contender. Alas, the local team still doesn’t have a GM. I hope it was worth it for the one period of “inspired” play that Nolan gave.

      • But here’s the thing: We Won! No Rap. But the Bills played their best game of the season.

        So, now what? Does Nick risk offending the football gods by giving us what we all crave: a new Rap for the Atlanta game? Or, does he sacrifice his beats and rhymes upon the altar of victory, to appease the wrath of the immortals?

        I await his potentially apocalyptic decision. :)

    • And a very Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

      I know, I know, you do not celebrate or even acknowledge any holiday. Yawn. Still, you cannot prevent me from wishing you well, so there. Tough poop. Speaking of…

      The Sabres are poop indeed, but poop we knew they would be. We can only hope that Nolan (but especially the new GM) will ultimately provide a healthy dose of Imodium.

      P.S. Tanking is always thankless. Gobble, Gobble. :)

  6. I eat turkey and get off work today, so I guess I celebrate Thanksgiving and Corporate Friday (TM)

  7. The new Sabres clan has their first strike against them, with Nolan getting his former hockey school buddy D’Agostini in and losing Tropp for no reason. Not that Tropp is anything special, but c’mon. D’Agostini’s metrics are awful.

    • But D’Agsey had a great poke check that saved Millsey from a late breakaway attempt, and then he screened the goalie on Hoffsey’s OT winner. We beat the Leafs!! Tedsey is obviously a genius-sey. ;)

      P.S. Only, Torontonians will cheer even louder Sunday for a Falcons’ win.

        • Just another sublimely beautiful addition to a long line of gorgeously grotesque Bills losses. Among the gems I’ve heard…

          CUT STEVIE!
          THE REFS COST US!
          TORONTO COST US!

          Ah, Bills fans.