Let’s Go Bills Rap 2012, Wk2 v. Chiefs

Let’s Go Bills Rap, Week Two

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10 Responses to Let’s Go Bills Rap 2012, Wk2 v. Chiefs

  1. Jon Skowron says:

    I was just thinking about these jams. Man, I missed these. Good job, Killer!

  2. Rob says:

    This was terrible…I barely got halfway through it! Keep your day job brother!

  3. justin p says:

    We will see Sunday baby we got our starters back i think its buffalo for lunch son

  4. production value says:

    This track completely lacked it.

  5. Shirley says:

    I know we all have our home towns , and we like to tear each other down so on this note I TURN THIS SO CALLED RAP IT IS LETS GO CHIEFS!!!

    CHIEFS your fans are still here but we are tired of you loosing…THINK you can win and you WILL !!!! Just play the second half like you did the first and remember: IF YOU WANT TO GET PAID ..THEN PLAY LIKE IT !!!

  6. ShitOnTheBills says:

    absolutely turrible

  7. StevieJohnsonHater says:

    I hope Eric Berry Shits all over Stevie Johnson and the rest of the shit eating bills! You’re terrible! Stevie Johnson, you are a cheap piece of scum.

  8. John smith says:

    THE BILLS!!! , If anyone one of you are smart you would know this is a joke…

  9. SteveWools says:

    Kansas City fans write about as well as their team plays. ;)