Inge move good for Bills, puts UB in a predicament

The news that the Buffalo Bills have hired UB Bulls defensive coordinator William Inge to be their new assistant defensive line coach under Dave Wannstedt is bittersweet for me. For one thing, Inge was not only a good coach for my alma mater but a good person to be around. On the other hand, the only professional football team I really care about got better today.

Make no mistake, Inge is a tremendous game-planner. While UB’s defense did not always have the depth and/or talent to take care of business during games, Inge’s set-up was near flawless on several occasions. Consider:

— The Bulls flat-out controlled NIU’s remarkable QB hybrid Chandler Harnish just one week after Harnish passed for 203 and ran for 229 in the same game. Buffalo lost by one in a game where they not only threw two interceptions and fumbled thrice but missed a game-tying extra point attempt with 14 seconds left in the contest.

— This number is a lot higher because the Bulls had big problems against the run, but Inge coached the unit to the No. 36 ranking in pass defense despite graduating three players to NFL camps out of his secondary: Domonic Cook, Davonte Shannon and Josh Thomas (in itself an accolade, if only for one season).

— Inge’s reputation was earned. The Cincinnati unit he coached (LBs coach) yielded four NFL drafted players in 2009, while his seasons at San Diego State (Freddy Keiaho) and Colorado (Jordon Dixon) were also notable for various positives.

Pun intended, I’m bullish on Inge, but replacing him is a mighty task for UB head coach Jeff Quinn. I’m positive that current Bulls DL coach Jappy Oliver and cornerbacks Ernest Jones will get a look at the gig, but Quinn may also go outside the halls of UB Stadium. Regardless, the Bills got better today and the Bulls have a new, huge question mark.


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