Immediate Reactions: St. Louis Rams 15, Buffalo Bills 12

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Dear Chan,

There are a lot of insults going around pertaining to the job you’re doing as head coach of the Buffalo Bills and not all of them are valid. For one thing, you’re not too old for this. You’re 60: the same age as Bill Belichick, one year younger than Pete Carroll and a couple hundred years younger than Tom Coughlin. So saying the game has passed you by simply by virtue of your age is a real jerk move.

All the other reasons, though? Right on.

AP Photo: Bill Wippert

You use one of the most electric backs in the world as if he had the lung capacity of a 100-year old chain smoker. (CJ Spiller is his name just in case you’re thinking I’m talking about Tashard Choice). You prefer to hand the ball to Fred Jackson, an adequate rusher and extremely likable story who is tied for the NFL season lead in fumbles amongst running backs and averaging the 28th best yards-per-carry in the league (The Spiller character is 2nd in ypc, by the way). Watching your two minute drills quite literally feels like being drilled with a large bit for more than two minutes. Your clock awareness is nearly non-existent. You treat field goals as if no one’s ever been successful from further than 49 yards (even though your kicker hit from 50 in worse weather just last week). You treat two-point conversions as if they’re slap bracelets: a fad destined to become a laugh riot in a decade.

What in the world is going on in your head? You’re a grown man giving out carries based on whose turn it is? Is it not in you to walk up to Fred Jackson and say, “Hey man, thanks for everything but I’m sure you’ve noticed the human highlight reel sharing carries with you?” The thing is, I don’t think it is in you. Even after he got hurt, you turned to third-string back Tashard Choice as if it “I SAID it wasn’t your turn, CJ.”

Time and time again you’ve told us how Ryan Fitzpatrick — who hasn’t been bad, mind you — is your quarterback of the near future because you’ve seen him do it before. And you’re consistent! Tashard Choice was an electric back for you at Georgia Tech, a time in his life you apparently think he’s going to rediscover before the guy you drafted No. 9 overall is capable of getting a whole bunch of carries. Good call.

Forget that your QB was taking the beating of a lifetime and that the St. Louis Rams have a great pass rush and solid cover corners. Forget that they were starting Mario Haggan at linebacker and that they may have actual seat cushions backing him up. You’ve got your ways and you aren’t budging.

Neither is your win total.

Stat line I liked…

Scott Chandler, five catches for 71 yards

– The big man continues to perform and this time didn’t even show garbage pan lid hands once.

Stat line I didn’t like…

St. Louis Rams, five sacks

– It’s explainable and understandable given the Bills first-game starters at center and right tackle, but I don’t have t like the stat line.

Game ball(s)…

Rian Lindell

– The guy deserves it for not shoving his head coach in a garbage can. One week after hitting a 50-yard field goal in worse weather and a less important time, Gailey won’t turn to him. One of the most reliable players in Bills history cannot get a chance to ice an opponent? Good call, Chan.


– A hard rain should fall, but it won’t. Buddy “Nicks” Nix will have us singing, “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow” straight into another training camp where fans mentally distance themselves from the game day incompetence of their head coach into the hopes of a 10-6 season (against a brutal 2013 slate of opponents).

Next week…

– Oh, good. The game we don’t get because it was sold to Canada. I think this Bills team is beaten. Give Seattle the edge, 23-22, when Gailey kicks an extra point instead of going for two to tie it because there’s 11:01 left and his philosophy says, “Not until there’s less than 11 minutes to go!”


13 Responses to Immediate Reactions: St. Louis Rams 15, Buffalo Bills 12

  1. Sadly you’re dead balls on as usual.

    At the game it’s like Gailey is literally worried about cutting the red wire or the blue wire to defuse the bomb on every single critical play. It’s mentally exhausting. I’ve never seen a head coach who hates coaching football games, at least unconsciously, as much as he.

    But, to be fair, so many of these players are losers. George Wilson, for a former WR gets hands of stone in the red zone. Kyle Williams runs around a lot and has a perpetual motor, but afaik has never made a game changing play to stop a drive like today’s. And they have, perpetually since Nate Clements, the least football savvy corners in the league.

  2. It’s about time fans have turned on Gailey. But, judging from comments the last three weeks, he’s here another year with Nix. Sigh.

    The handling of Lindell is so baffling, btw. He got 4/$11M this offseason. Why?! They knew he was poor handling kickoffs, and they have no confidence he can make long FGs. You can get Shayne Graham off waivers whenever you want and he’ll do the same, and is more accurate from short range.

  3. I LMAO reading this. Spot on….I didn’t think the late 60’s or mid 80’s would ever see a more depressing period of Bills football, but we’ve far eclipsed those two period.

  4. The ageist criticism is abhorrent, but anecdotally he does seem really old for his age. Pete Carroll is baby faced but still seems to have a joie d’vivre that Gailey lacks. He seems Nix’s age, or older, and Nix is almost old enough to be his dad. (albeit a teenage dad). Football grinds him to a nub. Jauron enjoys the game more than he.

    I feel bad for the guy. He seems like he’d just be better off enjoying his life with his family.

    Anyway there isn’t hope until a new culture comes in. Maybe Doug Marrone, though he seems vaguely Mularkey esque to me. I don’t know if Brian Kelly would come here.

    I’m fine moving on from Fitz. But there’s such a Fitz hate that exists among a subset that dwarfs any Trent or JP or RJ hate that I ever saw. It’s wacky, frankly, as he is less of an issue than not letting your kicker attempt a long FG or having your best player participate.

    I don’t get it. Replacing him with a rookie like Matt Barkley isn’t going to make this shitty team competent. If anything the rook would be made, vampire style, into a new JP or Trent with this monstrosity of an organization as its currently constructed. This isn’t a Colts team filled with winners, or an occasionally good Skins team, or even a Bengals team had a division title recently pre Dalton.

    This is a team that had virtually no players with any playoff experience, and a front office with no postseason trips this millennium. The Bills made the playoffs five years before Kelly came and led the AFC East for most of 1983 before collapsing.

    • The Fitz hate is astounding. He’s not a franchise guy, but the Bills are at worst 7-6 right now if the defense is consistent this year and the playcalling even average.

        • Though to be fair, and I know he’s your buddy Nick so I don’t mean to offend, but Jeremy White has been arguably the leading voice of the “of only we had a better QB than Fitz we’d have a playoff team” movement, while others tend to spread the criticism around more, instead of making it mostly about Ryan Fitzpatrick.

          I’m not advocating for a long term Fitz tenure at all here but I’ve challenged him on twitter because it seemed like nearly every single tweet and take on the radio started and ended with Fitz (And Jeremy, typically is more sanguine about the Bills than other guys overall). I thought the constant criticism of Fitz drowned out a lot of Jeremy’s other often good points.

          Yesterday I saw the first tweet from him where he seemed to finally shift more of the blame to Gailey. I felt like he finally saw it.

  5. I’m begining to to think that it is groundhogs day again , every Sunday!The same explanations as to why the Bills lost. Nothing ever seems to get better. We have come to realize that nothing will ever get better until 3 major components are filled.1) New Owner 2) New Coach 3) New Quarterback.

    Santa please help us!

  6. Is anyone truly surprised at where the Bills are right now? We have a starting quarterback who was a never more than a back-up before he came to Buffalo. We have a head coach who was fired by Dallas, Georgia Tech, and finally Kansas City where he was an unsuccessful offensive coordinator. Can we really expect to be in the playoffs when the most important position on the field is manned by a guy who couldn’t win the job with two of the weaker teams in the NFL, and our coach is a guy who has zero chance of being a head coach again in the NFL? This franchise is reeling. Some of our best players ( Levitre, Spiller, Dareus, Byrd) are no doubt already planning for the day when they can escape this sad and fading franchise. I wish nothing but the best for Mr. Wilson but the only hope now is new ownership, and I hope that any future owners bring a broom and sweep out the whole front office and all the creaky, third-rate coaches.

  7. The clock management and failure to adequately utilize Spiller are the only things I find baffling about Gailey. Otherwise he offensive creativity is decent given what he has to work with.

    Fitz is a veteran who keeps making rookie mistakes in pressure situations and with the game on the line. Seems like that won’t change any time soon. The defence has improved as the year has gone on but still can’t stop crucial drives to save the game.

    Amazing how many fans here and on facebook always think the answer is to get rid of management. I find that remedy tired although I think it might be time for a new coach. Wilson has kept the Bills in Buffalo for over 50 years. Another owner would have left years ago.

    • I don’t think he’s creative at all. I think it’s a college spread offense that’s poorly designed. He’s far more of an issue than Fitz.

      Fitz was 25-32 today and tied Kemp for 3rd all time in Bills history for td passes, and yet still people put nearly all of the blame on him. He’s not the solution, but he’s not the problem.

  8. !slliB oG

    Junior Gailey Chandler Thomas personally cost his team a victory today. Again. With such a questionable theme, and incoherent plot, the denouement of this tragedy need not even be written.

    End of Scene. Exeunt.