Immediate Reactions: Seahawks 50, Bills 17

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Before we begin with today’s bothersome Buddy talk — and remember, I generally prefer to give his GM picks time to play out — let me point out that my coming Russell Wilson high-fives are nothing new. The following things are among links that pop up when you search “Russell Wilson” in the box to your right:

October 4, 2010 — post: “Does It Matter What Lurks Beyond Mallett, Luck and Locker?”

May 25, 2011 — post: “One man can notably alter the 2011 BCS chase”

There’s a lot more, but suffice it to say Wilson is super good. This is not a horrendous Bills defense. Think about how often Wilson threw the ball away after Seattle’s line put a sack on a platter. He’s a rookie. He hadn’t lost much at Wiscy or NC State. But he’s 5-foot-11. So there’s that. Plus who can question Nix trading up to get TJ Graham at pick No. 69 when Russell Wilson was right there. Six picks later, the Seahawks takes the fella who crushes the Bills this week.

— Meanwhile, let’s talk about what went wrong today with Roman numerals to match the back-in-time mentality of at OBD

I) Fitzpatrick threw willy-nilly

II) His wide receivers dropped more balls than a fifth-grade boys gym class.

III) The battered offensive line did the ol’ Roger Dorn “Ole.”

IV) Buffalo’s defense barely moved past their failed over-pursuit of Wilson

V) George Wilson’s a great story and has been a blast to cover and root for… but he’s gone, right?

VI) At least one defender was literally moving away from Marshawn Lynch rather than attempting to tackle him.

VII) CJ Spiller had 17 carries for 103 yards and a score, but Gailey still wouldn’t give him the rock 20 times (I know they were behind, but their insistence on pass plays made this game feel like the longest football game not played by 8 year olds).

But hey, Spiller’s dynamite and Lindell is rather accurate. Bills in 2013!

— Don’t look now, but the Bills have a look at a Top Five pick. Once kickoff occurs I can’t bring it in me to hope they lose, but right now I’m rather conscious of all the five-win-and-less teams capable of passing the Bills. Some did it today. Others could do it if Ryan Tannehill and Mark Sanchez can beat the Bills. Oh. Well… we briefly had a moment there, didn’t we?

— Alex Carrington blocked an extra point. He’s done some things this year.

— There was a completed pass to Sidney Rice in which the Seahawks star wide-out was the only player on the screen for a solid 21 yards with the ball. No defenders, no blockers, lots of nothing.

— Playing in Canada stinks. It’s free money, so we’re staying, but man oh man I’ve got less for it at any time since my furor over the initial announcement died.

— I feel like we need a giant support group that is open to all Bills, Lions, Browns and Raiders fans. We’re all old guard. We’ve all got history. We’ve all been mostly awful for a long, long time. Funny thing is, I bet those other teams would reject the heck out of being in a peer group with the Buffalo franchise.

— If you think Fitz doesn’t belong anywhere near this team, here’s your chance to root against the Bills for the next two weeks. If he gets defeated by Sanchez and Tannehill, or whoever they Jets and Fins choose to play, and if he’s literally a large reason they lose… maybe he goes even if Chan stays.

Stat line I liked…

Spiller! — 17 rushes, 103 yards, TD

– Still treated like a fragile little kid. Still electric.

Stat line I didn’t like…

Fitzpatrick — 21-of-38, 217 yards, thrice sacked, TD, 2 INT

– Just gross. Receivers didn’t help apart from Stevie’s ridiculous one-handed grab, but neither did he.

Game ball(s)…

Stevie Johnson, Spiller

– Johnson snagged eight of his 11 targets for 115 yards and a score. He’s reliable apart from minimal drops that come with so many targets. Now if only he’d change his Friedlander hat from “PANTS SAGGING” to “BILLS DRAGGING.”


– This is so old. Don’t say it’s getting old. It’s been old. Very old.

Next week…

– In Miami to face a Dolphins team that has won two of three at home, the loss being a touchdown-defeat to New England. I’ll say it: the Bills have quit and are about to get smoked like so many dead animals in a Ralph Wilson Stadium tailgate lot. Give the points and the cannoli. Miami wins, 29-17.


7 Responses to Immediate Reactions: Seahawks 50, Bills 17

  1. I think their d is that bad. I just think they’ve played. Ad offenses lately.

    They still have no linebackers and a below average pass rush.

    Kyle Williams is having a mediocre season.

  2. I hate dave wanstedt. Super big hate. Sometimes defense isnt about x’s and o’s but its about intensity, desire, ferocity and sitting in the box gives ignites none of that. We run a terrible zone that we get burned on constantly icluding sidneys free easiest 40 plus yard reception ever. Mario is playing better and i think there is some youth and some potential on that sode of the ball but the mustache is killin me.

  3. The Bills have some talent:
    Offense – Stevie Johnson, Fred Jackson, CJ Spiller, Brad Johnson, Eric Wood, Andy Levitre, and maybe another guard. On defense, the whole defensive line along with Carrington, Jairus Byrd, Stephon Gilmore and I think Nigel Bradham can be good. Beyond that, none of their other players would start or get considerable time on another NFL team. That said, this is a reflection of poor drafting, decision making and coaching. The front office needs to go. Not getting a legitimate QB in a QB league has proven to be disastrous. There is not a single playoff contender without a legitimate QB. At the same time,there are notable legit QB’s on non-playoff teams (Brees, Rivers, Stafford and Bradford) Every one of those QB’s will be in the playoffs soon. None of the teams without one will be anytime soon. I have watched this crap for 39 years. The only painless time to be a Bills fan was during the few years that OJ was here, 1 – 2 seasons with Cribbs, Ferguson and the Bermuda triangle and finally during the Jim Kelly era. The Kelly era, by the way, is the only time since the merger that the Bills represented a viable chance to reach or win a Super Bowl. True franchises create multiple chances over time by finding championship caliber QB’s (Green Bay – Starr, Favre, Rodgers; Pittsburgh – Bradshaw, Rothlisberger; San Fran – Montana, Young and even Alex Smith; Giants – Simms, Manning etc…) Our front office sucks!

  4. I wish you had harped on Graham even more. With Brandon Browner suspended and Walter Thurman hurt, the Seahawks were at #4 on the depth chart at the second CB position. They needed one of their not-Johnson receivers to step up, and they all failed.

  5. This is not a horrendous Bills defense.

    It’s not just horrendous, it’s among the worst defenses in history. They average 36 points allowed to teams in playoff contention.

    Fire Gailey.