Immediate Reactions: Sabres 1, Flyers 0 (Again)

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(WECK 1230) — Ryan Miller.

— There’s a lot to say about this game, but how badly do you as a Sabres fan want the Flyers to lose right now? The fact that your team can do it is amazing, but I think I’ll be as happy with that dirt pile of a hockey losing than I will Buffalo moving on. Briere? Awful. Hartnell? Scumdog millionaire. Timonen? Makes Tonya Harding look like Indiana Jones.

Orange. Boycott.

— Ryan Miller.

— Tyler Myers had an on-and-off night. On one hand he was a physical dynamo, but he also continued to put the Miller is very tricky positions. Sure, he did it less than Chris Butler and Steve Montador, but that’s only a minor accomplishment. His sophomore slump only lasted 2/3 of a season and Myers is developing a nasty streak without dirtiness. He’s 6’7″ with some Scott Stevens and some Nick Lidstrom to his game. He quite literally can be a Hall of Famer.

— Ryan Miller… was actually shaky in the first period, maybe even first two, but who can think of that now? He was Hasek in his prime for the entire third period. The save versus Briere was about as pivotal moment in this season as there could’ve been. Talk about an opportunity to fall back into “Of course it was that guy we let walk” mindset and instead he set that moment up to be the most important moment involving Briere and the Sabres in franchise history… including that 13-shot thing. I just hope Jeanneret’s call stands out, cause it didn’t seem aces.

— There’s a lot to be discussed about the five-minute major for elbowing to Mike Richards. The call is suspect only in the sense that the NHL is officiated with the consistency of orange juice. According to the rule book, Richards should’ve received a five-minute major: he raised his elbow at an angle with the intent of delivering a head shot. But the NHL usually doesn’t go by the rule book. Tough break for Philly.

— Something tells me Nathan Gerbe jerseys are jumping onto Christmas and birthday lists all over Western New York. He’s also putting below-average height dudes in vogue.

— A nod to friends:

These are my homies who deserve tons of credit for redoing this originally-orange Black Flag sign. They are what makes being a hockey fan fun.

Three Stars of the Game

1. Ryan Miller — Mr. Softee

2. Rob Niedermayer — assist, general astonishment

3. Braydon Coburn — Couldn’t find a Flyer, didn’t want to go all-Sabres. Call it a series-achievement award. Dude is a meast.

Stat line I liked…

Hits: Sabres 24, Flyers 17

– Again… an arbitrarily-kept statistic, but that’s real nice.

Stat line I didn’t like…

I don’t need a stat line, just a name: Tim Connolly, who may have been on the take.


Take two-of-three. Move on. Then, the save on Briere can become the best Briere moment in Sabres history.

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