Immediate Reactions: Oh, Marrone

Assuming this Doug Marrone to Buffalo report is concrete, unlike the Chip Kelly to Cleve-o assumptions, there are two ways to approach it (keeping in mind that I’m generally on-board with Russ Brandon). My general bent is to lean optimistic and with my first thoughts (No. 1), but there are those who will acknowledge the doom plus gloom:

1) AWESOME. Doug Marrone is a quality coach who turned around a Syracuse program wandering in the wilderness and this year won at Missouri and thumped Geno Smith and West Virginia. He’s an offensive whiz who knows what it takes to be a professional big ugly but also gets the game enough to be Sean Payton’s offensive coordinator in New Orleans. He’s assisted in the SEC (Georgia), ACC (Georgia Tech) and AFC East (Jets). He’s a well-respected guy who most teams with an opening wanted to speak with and has no track record as an NFL head coach, so he isn’t a retread. He wins his postseason games. He beats teams he shouldn’t. He chose Buffalo. Win-win-win. Great job!

2) FOR REAL?!? So the Bills go to the college well, with Syracuse product Russ Brandon getting the benefit of hiring the head coach from his favorite college as well as further regionalizing the Buffalo product into Central New York?!? SWEET! BUSINEZZ!! PINSTRIPE BOWLZ!! Looks like Buddy Nix did a lot of scouting of Syracuse games for Ryan Nassib tape and decided he’d like their coach, too. Wow! Can’t wait to reach for an unrefined Nassib at No. 8 overall! It’s the TJ Graham/Mike Glennon effect, only with one of the two most important posts on your staff. Anyone else notice that Marrone is conveniently leaving Syracuse as they leave an awful football conference to join a way tougher-to-win ACC? Cool… story… bro.

13 Responses to Immediate Reactions: Oh, Marrone

  1. I’m weary of this. I wanted a proven NFL winner, like Lovie. But there was no way they were “going defense” with Russ Brandon at the helm. Offense is what sells. Ironically, Doug Marrone himself is a tough sell. If he wanted flashy O and an easy sell, he should have thrown the checkbook at Chip Kelly.

    We will see….

  2. I prefer your first version. Second is pretty typical of the irony we’ll hear from jaded, disgruntled, skeptical fans. I actually think Nasib would be a good choice, but not in the first round. I’d also sign the two best free agents I could get at QB and maybe draft a second QB also and have a real shoot out for the starting job and the roster, but that’s another matter. For now, I feel very good about Marrone.

  3. Lovie Smith is as much of a proven failure as anything else. 81-63 and a SB appeance sure, but also one playoff appearance in 6 years, 3 in 9 and flames out at the end of the year constantly

    Same with Whiz. Always rinse repeat with retreads or Peter Principle’d in over the heads coordinators for the Bills. Finally a change.

    This is the best hire the Bills have made in years.

  4. “No matter how I try, I find my way into the same old jam.” (Good Times Bad Times)

    Well, the recently crowned Young King Russ the First and the new palace guards at OBD accomplished something I hadn’t thought possible: they actually fired a guy before hiring him first. So, at least, we are NOT off to see…The Whizard of Flaws.

    Sometimes the best move is the one you choose not to make. That notwithstanding, as for Douglas (boring middle name) Marrone…Meh. Uninspiring. Blah.

    This hiring smacks a tad too much of cronyism and regionalization. Marrone seems at first glance to be a too-close-for-comfort reincarnation of the know-it-all “innovation” of Mike Mularkey, with an overwhelming dash of the thin-skinned arrogance of Gregg Williams sprinkled into the mix. Not a tasty recipe, for my palate. A rah-rah culture, and demanding a very tidy locker room, and making sure the players are all wearing the proper boutonnieres, and bringing back Marv to sing the Bills Fight Song before every game, can be a very tricky (albeit sometimes successful) maneuver even at the college level. But, the NFL is peopled with grown men. Very rich, grown men. I suspect a few eyes are already rolling in the heads of several Bills players. And in the heads of the players who matter the most.

    Ultimately, of course, Marrone’s success or failure will depend upon three things:

    1. Can he find the right Rookie QB?
    2. Can he utilize the talents of CJ Spiller properly?
    3. Can he FIX THIS DEFENSE?

    Until he proves otherwise, he is entitled to the benefit of the doubt. I shall grant him that. I shall grant him wisdom not foolishness, belief not incredulity, Light not Darkness, hope not despair…to succeed. But as a native son of WNY, and having also done my time in Syracuse (I briefly called it home back in my salad days) it is difficult for me to have any great expectations for this now intertwined tale of two Upstate NY cities.

    “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”

  5. Regionalization? As if Syracuse is this vast, untapped market?

    Many CNYers are Bills fans already, and if anything this might cripple their hometown football team

    This isn’t some uninspired choice. This is the first Tim’s in the team’s history that they draft a coach straight out of college, rather than hire a retread or coordinator.

    It’s very innovative.

  6. I don’t know anything about Marrone. He didn’t call plays in NO, he was basically a Curtis Modkins-type there. And he “turned around” Syracuse in the horrible Big East. I’m the farthest from

    With the hiring of Syracuse’s OC, I’m not confident. Everything thus far has been cronyism (Brandon can say he wasn’t close with Marrone, whatever. The connection was there.) And if this leads to the Bills reaching for Nassib, which would be with any pick in the first 3 rounds, prepare for a new coach in 48 months.

  7. So, Marrone lied.

    There it is. In his very first press conference as the Bills Head Coach when actually answering a question (he evaded almost every other one) he flat-out lied when stating that he was looking for coordinators with NFL experience.

    Instead he hires his little brother from the ‘Cuse. A man whose previous NFL experience was as a glorified secretary, um, I mean, quality control “coach”. This is not to disparage young Hackett. He’s working his way up the ranks, as he should. But, is this 33 years-young gentleman in any way truly prepared or qualified to be the principal offensive play caller for an NFL team?

    Oh wait, a few years ago I hear Jimbo gave him a copy of his 90’s no-huddle playbook, so we are all set. That is, as long as we get Nassib to run it, after we draft him in the FIRST round, which would be the reachiest of reaches. Good Grief.

    I want to like Douglas (boring middle name) Marrone. I really really do. But, so far, all I know for sure is…

    Marrone lies.

    • Yeah, Marrone has already been proven to be a liar. Also remember that Syracuse was his “dream job” just a year ago, and that he assured Syracuse would be in good hands after he left. Ha.

      The Hackett hiring is concerning, not so much for the inexperience, but he probably didn’t look at anyone else.

      Most importantly to me, I don’t want Nassib. For all the local fans who think Nassib is great because of SYRACUSE! NEW YORK! I guarantee most of you will HATE watching him play. Nassib is like Trent Edwards with a great release, better arm and a prettier ball. That’s post-2009 Trent Edwards that’s terrified to take a hit and throws checkdowns more than anyone. Nassib crumbles under pressure which is the biggest red flag for potential NFL QBs.

      Also, Syracuse’s offense threw screen passes more than any other team.

        • And for the record, he has nearly all the measurables. But it’s beginning to look like stand-up throwers are going to have be as good as Eli, Peyton, Brady or Matt Ryan to really lock it down sans mobility. Not quite Brodeur-level unique to play an “outdated” style, but nearly all the successful young guys can take off and the upcoming guys this year or future (Geno Smith, Manziel) have it too. A guy like Bray has produced nearly the same numbers against superior competition if you’re going the route of stand-up/pocket passer. Maybe Nassib eliminates the Glennon chance, at least, but at No. 8… they better be darn sure he’ll make the Big East to NFL jump in a hurry.

  8. So. Because I don’t want to project any myopic bias nor seem absolutely dead-set against any move that the new regime at OBD makes, I will say that the Pettine hire seems decent. The guy is smart, experienced, and very hungry to prove himself out of Rexy’s shadow. And he WILL be aggressive. I like that.

    As I have stated for THREE YEARS now, the Bills biggest problem has been on Defense. I have hopes that Pettine will be able to improve its performance. As long as he doesn’t insist on running a base 3-4. Our talent (and we do have some talent) is now better built for a 4-3. Run a Hybrid? Sure, fine. But, 4-3 should remain our primary look. Unless, what, we are going to ask both Mario and Anderson to play OLB? And move Kyle out of his best position? And further mess with Marcel’s still developing game? Please, no.

    Marrone scares me. Hackett scares me. Nassib scares me.

    Marrone + Hackett + Nassib horrifies me, offensively. But, Hackett is the one that really worries me most, since there is no guarantee that we HAVE to take Nassib, though signs point that way. But no matter which QB we have next year – Fitz? A different Rookie? A Free Agent? – whomever, Hackett is still going to be calling the plays. I honestly think the guy is in way over his head. He not only is young, looks young, worst of all, he TALKS young. That little interview the Bills put up today with Chris Brown and Hackett only confirmed my worst fears. I’m excited! Heck yeah! Golly Gosh!

    Alex Van Pelt’s career was lengendary? I liked Pill as much as the next guy, for what he was, but…a legend? Holy hell.

    I can easily see our offense taking a big step backwards next year, while our Defense improves. One step forward, two steps back. Hrmph.

  9. Not sure why age is such an issue on Hackett. Josh McDaniels served as Bill Bellichek’s OC when he was only 30 and in 2007 was the year they set records for TDs and pts. Now yes, the team was already very good and they have Brady but my point is just because the guy is young doesn’t scary me any more than some retread.