Immediate Reactions: New York Giants 27, Bills 24

Tweeter. Facespace.

There’s something endearing inside this humanhood of Bills fans. We’re all Tweeting and typing about how fun it is to be in games that matter, and while I would never go so far as to say the 11 years of mostly-terrible play were worth it, this is certainly feels like some heck of a reward, even in losing. This is a little sad, but so is life sometimes.

On to the game…

— Only a handful of mistakes for Ryan Fitzpatrick, but those precious few were mighty costly. The Bills had all the momentum when Corey Webster made interception No. 2 off Fitz, who had Stevie Johnson wide open if he lofts one up there. After the second interception, I was ready to throw this loss nearly solely on the shoulders of Fitzmagic, but then came…

— …Drayton Florence, holy smokes. I feel for my longtime radio friends who have to rip through the “Drayton Florence Show” tomorrow morning. He was burnt in nearly every way. Florence essentially did the opposite of nearly everything he usually does: horrendous tackling and positioning accompanied some sort of bizarre commitment to not turning around while covering a wide receiver. Midway through the fourth, I called it one of his two worst games for the Bills. It became No. 1 soon after that.

— Say what you will about Fitz’s ill-thrown ball, but passing the ball on first-and-10 from the 27 with time dwindling? It’s bad enough that Chan Gailey seemed to say peace out to the running game the minute they fell behind, but the interception hurts. Then again, I can’t fault the Bills going for the throat. It’s a mentality I like from my football team.

— The Webster/Johnson subplot was one of the best facets of the game, though Webster’s two key positive plays came on poorly-thrown balls. Perhaps this is the reason Johnson was unable to make the competition a total mismatch. David Nelson delivered in some clutch spots, but aside from Naaman Roosevelt’s obliteration of the Giants secondary and good use of CJ Spiller, the passing game was simply ordinary and that was not going to be enough to beat Eli Manning. To be fair, the receiving corps is very thin. The question is: do they trade or sign another wide-out, or could CJ Spiller be as dangerous an option as anything free in the market place?

— Manning made some exemplary throws and a number of the Giants’ scoring drives feature peerless pocket presence, precision and target selection. Announcers Jim Nance and Phil Simms were quick to point out that Leodis McKelvin’s keen break-up of a third-down, late fourth quarter pass

— Here are my feelings on the Mario Manningham non-TD that ultimately lead to Alex Carrington’s block of a New York field goal: stupid rule, correctly-enforced. Manningham makes a solid grab of a supreme throw and then takes one… two… three steps before hitting the ground, which along with Terrence McGee — whose coverage wasn’t bad — cause the ball to come lose. It’s another one of those plays where you get laughed off the playground for trying to use that logic.

— I thought the Ahmad Bradshaw reviewed-TD was a touchdown, too, but I guess it depends where the freeze-frame is frozen. Receiving a lot of Tweets that it was in fact short, but I didn’t seriously consider it during the game. Could be one of those things… you know, the ones where I’m wrong? Anyway…

— Drayton Florence had a miserable game, probably his worst as a Bill. He was roasted. Let’s leave it at that.

— Feels like Ahmad Bradshaw had more than his 26 carries for 104 yards and three scores. He was quick to the holes and outside. One has to wonder how different the Giants would’ve looked had Kyle Williams been ready to go!

— No sacks, no forced fumbles, no turnovers… and the Bills defense still almost did enough. I’m breathing just fine at 4-2. Let’s go Dallas. Let’s go Miami (Yuck).

Stat line I liked…

Fred Jackson, 16 carries, 121 yards, TD; five catches, 47 yards

— This was solid gold until we get to the next stat

Stat line I didn’t like…

Fred Jackson in the second half: six rushes, 14 yards

— You can’t take away the 80-yard run, but if you did you’d see that the Bills had to put Jackson into the passing game to get him the ball (which may explain the passing near the end). 15 carries for 41 yards outside of the long run is a pretty miserable day for running the ball. Perhaps this explains why the Bills put in Brad Smith for a number of “run if you can’t pass” plays.

Game ball(s)…

I loved Terrence McGee’s game. The Bills corner back has become underappreciated in town due to his inability to stay healthy, but he’s in the Top Two — if not the best — Buffalo corner.


Ugh… to sit on this for two weeks! Alas, the bye week comes at a plenty-good time. Two weeks to prepare for Rex Grossman? Okay!

Next week…

Speaking of which, the Skins can’t even cheat ahead to planning for Fitz while the Bills are on the bye because they have to stop Cameron Newton. Hopefully the Falcons’ three picks didn’t provide a blueprint, because I want Washington focused on Carolina.


3 Responses to Immediate Reactions: New York Giants 27, Bills 24

  1. As a Redskins fan, I’m scared regardless of who the QB is.

    Bad Rex threw 4 INTs yesterday. But, Fred Davis raised his hand on the two jump balls to him that the Eagles came down with.

    Beck made 3 plays in his time in there and only one was with his arm. He also missed badly on at least 2 or 3 wide open receivers.

    I hope the Shannys can get Beck going quick if they have had enough of Good Rex/Bad Rex.

    But, I may be starting to dream of Robert Griffin III in Burgundy & Gold soon…..

  2. George Wilson has made headlines in Toronto claiming this can hardly be considered a home game for the Bills. I have no idea why the Toronto media considered this news.

    As someone who has been to the Ralph and the Bills in Toronto series I can honestly say I would rather drive the 2.5 hours to the Ralph than go a few subway stops to Skydome. The Ralph has real fans with nary a blackberry to be seen. I will take the blue collar spirit of the Ralph over the leather jackets and $200 haircut crowd any day.