Immediate Reactions: Jets 38, Bills 14

(WECK 1230) — …And then there were 12.

If you’re like me and you believe the Buffalo Bills did find rock bottom underneath Dick Jauron or Perry Fewell during the 2009 campaign, then this season is kinda like waiting through the hurricane after some time inside the eye,

The Bills are awful. Their best option seems to be a quarterback who twice threw deflected-looking passes that weren’t actually deflected. Their best option — I guess — at right tackle is a guy whose team picture looks like a guy who doesn’t want to open his mouth to show what lies inside (lots of cake).

Additionally, they just gave a lengthy, expensive and inexplicable extension to a team leader whose only value is inside the locker room.

Ladies, gentleman and primates… these are your Buffalo Bills.

Thank God I bought HBO instead of Season Ticket and “Boardwalk Empire” is on tonight…

— I’m glad that Clifford Spillage guy they took ninth overall has been used so effectively on offense. Seriously, using C.J. Spiller almost exclusively on passing downs? Could it hurt to hand the ball to a guy who could be a big part of the future in the hopes he develops as a player? I can blame Buddy Nix for the front office signing mishaps, but Chan Gailey sure seems to be doing his damnedest to ensure we can blame him for some major missteps this year.

— Ryan Fitzpatrick was an okay play for your fantasy team today. So, there’s that.  Fitz tossed two touchdowns without giving any footballs to the Jets. He only accounted for 128 yards passing, but he ran for 74 yards without Bart Scott delivering on his idea of knocking Fitzpatrick out of the game. That said, I expected to see Brian Brohm on the final drives of the game. Oh, well.

— Chris Kelsay made me combine the words abysmal and aneurysm today to form a new English verbal choice: aneurysmal. It was almost like the good Lordwas trying to thin the herd of Buffalo Bills fans by making them as angry and frustrated as possible. From the first offensive play of the game, Kelsay was doing what he does best: getting in position to make plays without actually making one.

— Lee Evans had one catch for six yards, and for once you can blame it on him. Evans had a terrible game. It looked like he was playing with a bad case of vertigo and lack of effort. No good, sir. No good.

— The Bills running backs have a remarkable knack for averaging less yards-per-carry as the number of attempts goes up. Spiller averaged 5.5, Fred Jackson averaged 7.0 a run while Marshawn Lynch carried four times for eight yards.Then again… only nine carries total. Fitz paced all runners with seven carries for the aforementioned 74 yards.

— An emailed told me Donte Whitner was not an epic Bills bust. The comment took me aback. I even thought I was wrong. Twas not. He leapt on a pile as good as Scrooge McDuck. Rough times for No. 20. This just in — two undrafted safeties — George Wilson and Bryan Scott — one who didn’t play DB in college  are better than the No. 8 overall pick in the NFL Draft. So we’ve got that going for us.

— Please come back in shape, Shawn Nelson.

— Corey McIntyre was okay.

— Another Whitner note: please stop celebrating runaway fourth quarter tackles more than five yards after the line of scrimmage. It isn’t becoming.

— Cornell Green should be released.

— I hate admitting it, but the Jets are actually a pretty solid, non-descript football team if not for their brash vernacular. Obviously their defense is good, but their offense played very well. Dustin Keller is good at throwing and blocking. Mark Sanchez is an understated passer who hasn’t been picked off this year and their two-pronged rushing attack is solid. Plus, their fullback is in ‘The Terminator.”

— Then, there’s this, emailed from Greg Kashmanian:

— Misery loves company, and the folks at Hucklebuckets in Northtown Plaza have been fun in these rough losses. If you aren’t going to the Jacksonville game and it isn’t blacked out… please join us.

Stat line I enjoyed:
Dwan Edwards, 11 tackles
— I really had to search for this stat. A 3-4 defensive end with 11 tackles sure works.

Stat line I didn’t enjoy:
Dustin Keller, four catches, 28 yards, two touchdowns
– If the Bills successfully cover a tight end this year, it will be our Super Bowl.

Game ball:
David Nelson
– This is what being a Bills fan has come to… giving a player of the game award to a guy who catches four balls for 75 yards. Huzzah! Here’s the thing: It’s his best statistical including his four years with Tim Tebow in Florida.

Naps can be wonderful, so I’m going to take one now.

Next Sunday:

Since I bet they’d win by the bye, I’m going to hope Trent Edwards gets the call for the Jaguars and the Bills win on a mercy safety — a final gift to Buffalo from El Trenterino. Buffalo 2, Jacksonville 0.

More to come:

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  1. The joke is the Team Owner, the one constant. Draft picks Maybin, Whitner, Lossman, McGahee, Mike Williams, Poz (credit for tacles 8 yards from scrimidge) and countless others. These are all primary start immediately draft busts. You wonder how you can’t win in twelve years?, simple. Enough said. Hey Ralph, please sell the team to Kelly and stay in Detroit.

  2. there was alot of teams wanting kelsey so im glad we sign him so soon.not how can u sign a guy 4 24 million who shoudn’t even be a starter.signing him was more embarassing then the beating the jets gave us.

  3. I’d just like to call to your attention that in a single game, the Sabres scored 5 less points then the Bills did today. Preseason or not, that’s down right ridiculous. GO SABRES!!!!