Immediate Reactions: Jaguars 36, Bills 26

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(WECK 1230) – Not to mess around with people’s jobs during this rough economic spell for America, but I’ve decided to add a new feature to the traditional end of the “Immediate Reactions” posts: “This week’s cut.”

Since Buddy Nix has used Mondays to part ways with Trent Edwards and Jamon Meredith, not to mention his trading of Marshawn Lynch, we’ll use Sunday nights after losses to guess which Bill could be shown the door come Monday.

— We have a lot of guys who need to re-learn how to tackle. I’m not even talking proper tackling… I’m talking marginally-okay tackling.

–For just the third time since 2007, a Buffalo Bills quarterback threw for three touchdowns. Ryan Fitzpatrick went 20-of-30 for 230 yards and three scores, the second time he’s thrice hit for paydirt as a Bill (Dec. 30, 2009 vs. Indianapolis).

The Harvard product has 2,017 yards passing, 16 touchdowns and 12 interceptions in parts of 13 games for Buffalo. Fitzpatrick doesn’t have consistent enough accuracy on his throws to be an NFL starting quarterback — a poor 57.2 percent completion percentage — but he does enough things to be an acceptable No. 2.

— George Edwards 3-4 defense is not accomplishing its goals to say the least. Edwards switched to a more base 4-3 package today with very limited success. The team needs linebackers. Bad. They are a collection of castoffs (Andra Davis, Reggie Torbor, Akin Ayodele) and leftovers (Chris Kelsay, Chris Ellis, Keith Ellison) who are doing very little to support adequate line play from Kyle Williams and Dwan Edwards, the defensive bright spots of the season.

— Donte Whitner wasn’t miserable, and he does play with good heart as we saw when he was the last one into the scrum for the fourth down fumble and came away with the ball. Maybe I was wrong to call him a huge bust, but he certainly is an average safety at best. I’d like to root harder for him, but the over-celebrating of tackles on five yard runs and hitting a guy who’s already airborne is exhausting.

— Jairus Byrd is in some sort of awful sophomore slump. You have to wonder if he’s still banged up, because you don’t lose ball hawk instincts during the offseason. His lack of interceptions and pass break-ups is making his below average tackling skills stick out like a sore thumb.

— Lee Evans is an underrated run blocker, something easy to forget as Bills running backs have struggled to get the ball to the second level.

— Had Fitz looked worse, I’d imagine we’d be talking about how Chan Gailey has two weeks to get Brian Brohm ready for his first start of the 2010 season. It’s still a possibility, but I’m guessing the locker room isn’t prepared for the emotional towel being thrown in by Thomas Chandler Gailey.

Stat line I enjoyed:
Lee Evans, five catches, 87 yards, touchdown
— Last game as a Bill?

Stat line I didn’t enjoy:
Marcedes Lewis, four catches, 54 yards, 2 TD
– Opposing teams’ tight ends have unloaded on the Bills for 29 catches, 380 yards and five touchdowns through five games, an average of about six grabs, 80 yards and a score per week. That’s a Pro Bowler.

Game ball:
Fred Jackson
– Someone could write a story on how the Bills organization and their use of Fred Jackson is a microcosm of what’s wrong with the hierarchy of our area. Here’s a blue collar, barely-sung-about hero who consistently shows he knows how to get things done only to be stifled at every turn by those in power. Fred Jackson for mayor.

This week’s cut…
Cornell Green
— I didn’t want to waste him on this week’s cut, but he’s still awful. Nix putting the axe to Green would not only show that the team will cut a veteran, it will show that he’s willing to admit he’s made mistakes. Plus, Green is the worst offensive lineman on Earth.

Now, when I used the word “guarantee” about winning before the bye week, I meant “a promise or assurance, esp. one in writing, that something is of specified quality, content, benefit, etc., or that it will perform satisfactorily for a given length of time.” So, when I say I meant moral wins, you will agree that I fulfilled my end of the bargain. Now, I’m going to late Church.

Next Sunday:
Who wants to take a Sunday roadie? Is Cleveland home? Go U.B.!

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15 Responses to Immediate Reactions: Jaguars 36, Bills 26

  1. So you think we’ll trade Evans now, eh Nick? Will we get a 5th or a 6th for the guy, you think? And how many teams will we actually call before we make that trade you think?
    less than 0

  2. The Bills simply have a bad infection right now, called Staphlolosus. Even when the balls far into your lap and positives occur, you have a Demetrius Bell hold or [insert linebacker] blown coverage to bring you down.

    If we’re going to be horrible in coverage, they’d might as well send 6 or 7 after the QB each time. Right now they have ineffective pass rushing as well as downfield coverage, and that combo explains what’s happening with this streak of 30+ PPG yielded.

    As far as your “cut” comment, Cornell Green is easy. The guy couldn’t cut it with Oakland, a team with arguably a worse OL than us last year. Not sure I’d cut anyone, but I’d consider a demotion of Steve Johnson for a really costly offsides. It’s one thing to waive a QB who was one foot out the door, it’s another to hold a player accountable for their mistakes. It’s these kinds of brain farts that happen 5-10 times a game, and with this current team, we don’t have the personnel to overcome those gaffes.

  3. The 3-4 is a disaster. You can’t just change to a base 4-3 at times when you have no ends that can pass rush, and horrible LBs that can’t cover anyone. I was accepting this as a change for the future and they’ll bring in more talent next year… but, Chris Kelsay happened and there is no hope.

    Good to see you’ve come around on Whitner. Most hate him too much because of his antics. He’s a decent starting safety that has great speed for the position, and is a good hitter and run stopper. He’s just very annoying, and not in a positive way.

    Evans isn’t going anywhere. He has a large bonus. He will retire a Bill, and mutter to himself everyday about what could have been.

    • It just underscores how awful Buddy Nix is as a GM. There were so many glaring needs on this team and he did next to nothing in the offseason, instead deciding to try out a bunch of average-to-below-average players in new positions. CJ Spiller will be a great back in this league, but as fun as he is to watch, we didn’t need a running back.

      Nix keeps reiterating they’re going to “build through the draft.” I think that’s just a euphemism for “we’re not going to spend any money.” Don’t tell me teams can’t be turned around – dramatically – in one year. Look at Miami a few years ago or, heck, the ‘Skins this year. Plus, how is it that a truly horrible coach like Jauron can squeeze 6-7 wins out of these same players for 4 years?

      I’m sick of the “rebuilding” label. If the Bills are rebuilding this year, then why didn’t Nix make a few more moves? Maybe on draft day? Remember the last time the Bills did that? I wish someone would call Nix out on this stuff in a press conference – and really wish someone would actually try to get Brandon and/or Wilson to comment.

      • Nix could only do so much in the offseason. There weren’t any better QB, LT or rush end options in FA or trades, at least any that wanted to come to Buffalo.

        If the Bills were still running the Tampa 2, they’d at least have 1 win right now, possibly 3. I have to think the change to the 3-4 was subconsciously an effort to finally hit rock bottom so we can improve. I hope so. Because I never understood the change in the first place. Other than “it’s what other teams are doing”. And if that’s the case, *facepalm*.

  4. Why “last game as a Bill” for Lee Evans? Is he going too? I have no confidence at all in these coaches. This team is unsound in almost every phase.

    • You know, this feels eerily familiar to the whole “K-Gun” experiment last season. The 3-4 is like the fad thing to try. At this point, why change it? You can use both 3-4 and 4-3.

      At this point, it’s really useless to worry about. They are at best 2-14, and may end up winless. All the better come April.

  5. You are correct in identifying the linebackers as being inadequate. However you failed to mention the worst linebacker of the bunch. Poz is awful !!! He was picked on all day and was not shedding blocks. Yeah the guy makes a lot of tackles. After the opposing team has gained chunks of yardage. On 3rd and short after Kelsay forced a pitch Poz almost blew the play by over pursuing and making a shirt tackle. This guy lacks power and speed. He’s around the play but is not explosive at all. He is the problem..There has to be a better player out their..this guy needs to find the bench or be out the door…he is not tough and we need tough…Get rid of him and Maybin..They won’t be on the team next year…see if we can get a 5th to 7th round pick for them…This is a very sad team..

  6. Poz is the only decent LB they have in space. His problem is his lack of strength, and he gets taken out of plays too easily. He’s also not the level of pass defender you want as your Mike LB. Just hope he doesn’t get injured again… the Bills have NOTHING to replace him. Keith Ellison at Mike would be guaranteed 200 yard rushing games every week. Akin Ayodele or whoever, and the Bills will get destroyed in the interior passing game. That is what happens when you recklessly change to a 3-4, and sign of bunch of one-dimensional waiver fodder.

    My cut of the bye week: Geoff Hangartner. It would make no sense, and the Bills could sign another Georgia Tech OL no other team would ever want to replace him. Oh, nepotism.

    • Pox is not good, watch the films from the last two weeks. He is just not good enough. He is the best of the worse ??? How much worse can an avg of 175 yard to 200 yards a game rushing get. Sitting him is sending a message, he is not a NFL starting MIKE…

    • Poz is a disaster. If ihear one more broadcaster call him our talented linebacker I’m going to ralph. Marv said he wanted backers who attack rather tan pursue. Poz NEVER takes a step toward the line of scRimmage and he couldn’t cover a fire hydrant. Cut his sorry butt and end the draft class of 2007.

      • I’m not saying Poz is good or anything, I cursed when he was drafted. But, cutting him is not going to accomplish a thing except guaranteeing a better chance at 0-16. Yes, he’s the best of an embarrassingly bad LB core.

    • The Bills would be lucky to get that for an underperforming 29-year old WR. Also, he’s not getting traded. Ralph would have to eat $12M+ of bonus. Nick pulled a Cowherd boner here by starting this.