Immediate Reactions: Indianapolis Colts 20, Buffalo Bills 13

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Well, there’s always the Mularkey Bowl, a heroic run to 8-8 and picking in the upper teens…

I'll give TCG this... he has a brilliant-manicured GQ beard. (Photo AP)

— There’s a scene in “No Country For Old Men” in which the character Sheriff Ed Tom Bell, played by Tommy Lee Jones, laments the direction crime has taken. He used to live in a world he could comprehend, a violence and evil that sadly made sense. Now, it’s too risky, unconventional and inexplicable for him. It’s passed him by…

“The crime you see now, it’s hard to even take its measure. It’s not that I’m afraid of it. I always knew you had to be willing to die to even do this job. But, I don’t want to push my chips forward and go out and meet something I don’t understand. A man would have to put his soul at hazard. He’d have to say, ‘O.K., I’ll be part of this world,’.”

It’s a great movie and novel. Maybe you hate the comparison or don’t see where I’m going, but if you spent three-plus hours watching the Bills today you can probably afford to take a chance on a movie. It’s great.

— Thurman Thomas Chandler Parsons Project Gailey on again not attempting a 50-yard field goal:

“You always make a decision about whether or not to go for the field goal or go for the punt to try and play field position. My tendency for the most part is to try and play field position.”

At least he’s honest.

— Gailey should be done here. Absolutely so. Running the ball or getting CJ Spiller more touches gets you an extra score. Gailey seems to think that ol’ timey “Fred’s done us a lot of good, so Fred’s gonna get him some carries.”  He’s an awful playcaller. In the past I’ve argued more for getting rid of Nix, but at least he’s hitting on his first round picks. He’s gone from old school conservative coach without enough talent to simply appearing as if the game has passed him by. Run another screen, TCG.

— I have a hard time being all over Ryan Fitzpatrick, who clearly isn’t the franchise quarterback this team needs nor an elite passer. Grown men don’t pass up massive contract extensions nor do they walk up to the coach and say, “I’m not good enough. Put someone else in.” The Buffalo Bills do not have a quarterback on the roster who would even sniff Fitzpatrick’s best day. Tyler Thigpen is awful. Tarvaris Jackson is average at best and a wildcard athlete. Fitz isn’t the Bills answer at quarterback. I’d bet he knows that. I just don’t expect him to stop trying to be.

— Stephon Gilmore is the Bills best corner already after a lackluster start to the season. I know he took the pass interference call to end the game but he’s a sound tackler who makes up for his lack of experience with make-up speed and athletic swatting. Athletic swatting is now a new band name. You’re welcome.

— The pass rush was simply wonderful. There were one or two times the linebackers cost first downs when Luck was flushed from the pocket, but the Colts running game made the Bills weak LB corp rather adequate. The defense allowed 13 points. That should win you games.

— Again, Fitz was awful but he needs his wide receivers to bail him out every now again. Reggie Wayne did it for Luck a whole bunch (He’s going to be great, but this wasn’t the rookie’s best day at all). Dorin Dickerson dropped a back shoulder throw that hit him between the 4 and 2. Donald Jones dropped a couple. There wasn’t much to like.

— Chris Hairston struggled mightily with a Colts defensive line that is nowhere near what it once was, and this is a concern moving forward if Erik Pears doesn’t heal correctly. I’m hoping the Bills can draft LB, QB, WR with their first three picks. Be right Pears, be right.

Stat line I liked…

Spiller, 14 carries for 107 yards

— He’s fantastic. I’m now worried the Bills are poisoning from entertaining the thought of sticking around past his first contract, especially when he’s seen the way they treated Fred Jackson in the past before inexplicably falling in love with him this year.

Stat line I didn’t like…

Reggie Wayne, eight catches for 102 yards

— Yes, he’s really good, but if the Bills just stuck Stephon Gilmore on him instead of going potpourri… well, it would’ve been better. And this was a one score game.

Game ball(s)…

Mario Williams

–  Three sacks is a pretty good way to work your name into the game ball conversation.


– I hate sitting here hoping Aaron Murray comes out but somehow slips to the Bills.

Next week…

– Mularkey Bowl. How many times have the Jacksonville Jaguars and Buffalo Bills contested a meaningful game over the years? At least once. Jags are awful. Bills will win. Look for Fitz and Co. to have a performance for the ages, leading everyone to be pleasantly confused and confusingly angered… plangerfused. Bills 31, Jaguars 13.


10 Responses to Immediate Reactions: Indianapolis Colts 20, Buffalo Bills 13

  1. You are always the voice of reason in thr Buffalo sports talk scene. No oddball takes. No hard-ons against certain guys to fit a narrative. Just sensible arguments without the shouting.

  2. Sounds like Stevie is leading a coup against Megamind (which I always took as a bit of a backhanded complimentary name anyway).

    Wants Fitz to do more play calling.

  3. Good analysis but you’re pining for the wrong young QB. Murray is smallish and would just be a younger Fitz. Think big: Landry Jones, Geno Smith or E.J. Manuel. Jones throws a lot of int.’s but he also throws so often that a few turnovers aren’t surprising Two weeks ago he totally outplayed Geno Smith when Oklahoma routed W. Virginia. Still, any one of the three I named would be a huge improvement for the Bills.

    • I love Murray. Smith will be gone before the Bills pick and Jones actually reminds me of a stronger-armed Fitz. If the Bills draft EJ Manuel I’m moving to the moon or another planet as soon as humanly possible.

  4. Stevie keeps falling down in the open field with the ball before anyone even tries to tackle him. its like they are running at him to tackle and get there and he is already laying on the ground. WHY DID WE PUNT WITH 3 MINUTES LEFT IN THE GAME DOWN 7PTS ? THATS 4TH DOWN TERRITORY IF YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN 2 YARD LINE!!! WE WERE AT MID FIELD.

    • Stevie drives me crazy. Six catches on 15 targets (obviously QB accuracy is a bigger deal but make a play superstar). Still, I have a hard time criticizing him considering he gave the Bills new life by forcing Zbikowski to fumble.

  5. Play of the game: Reggie Wayne fighting to reach the end zone at the end of the 2nd half, has the ball ripped out before his butt hits the ground. The announcers completely ignore it, even after the replay showed the fumble. No announcement from the ref. The NFL did a good job of sending out the Chuckstrong memo.

    Honorable mention: The blatant block in the back on TY Hilton’s punt return that was also ignored.

    It doesn’t matter how the Bills played, they were losing this game.

    • Can’t believe I didn’t mention both of those things. Ugh. It’s the Shawn Nelson/Ravens fumble in reverse. The NFL sure does want Luck & Chuck in the playoffs.

  6. I loved the one series of downs midway thru the game where the Colts ran the same play on 3 consecutive 3rd downs. The play…..trips formation on one side, middle WR takes a 2 to 3 step jog, then cuts into the middle wide open. They did it 3 times in a row when they needed the 3rd down. The Colts off-coor had to be laughing his ass off.