Immediate Reactions: Bills 13, Browns 6

(WECK 1230) — The teams the Buffalo Bills have beaten have a combined record of 10-28.

The teams they have lost to are 81-42.

So odds are they are mediocre team. That doesn’t change how fun it feels at One Bills Drive when Buffalo comes out on top. As a man in the crowd this afternoon I would not challenge this supposition.

Now let’s talk 3-10…

— Good looks to Leodis McKelvin. Verbally crucified by last week’s broadcast team, McKelvin blanketed whichever mediocre Browns wide-out challenged him and even grabbed a Jake Delhomme charity interception. McKelvin wasn’t nearly as bad as some said last week — and probably wasn’t as good as some said this week —  but this week was more recent so high-fives to him.

— Ryan Fitzpatrick did enough to win this game and should be commended. He now had 21 touchdowns and 11 interceptions this season. If the Bills don’t draft No. 1 overall — a veritable impossibility — be prepared for another 16 or so games of Fitz next year (should there be NFL football). Guess what? I’m 100 percent okay with that, even if  Fitzmagic is Fitzmediocre.

— I prefer the Bills postgame show on the network because they get to the locker room quicker, but Brent Axe’s preferred idea that Fred Jackson had a dominant day was ridiculous. He had 29 carries for 105 yards, good for a modest 3.5 per carry. C.J. Spiller had eight carries for 33 yards (4.1 per bounce). Something tells me that if the numbers reversed we’d be crying about Jackson not getting the carries he needed. How about Spiller? He’s fine, folks. Don’t try and make every back a “bust.”

— Seven different receivers made a snag today. Lee Evans wasn’t one of them. “The Stamp” mails another one in? Maybe, though Evans didn’t even appear on the field for most of the second half. I’m thinking he’s injured.

— I spent most of the second half hoping Naaman Roosevelt would become the third undrafted wide-out to record a receiving touchdown for the Bills this year.

— This game was wet and cold, but not even in the Top Five of “worst weather games” for me as a Bills fan. I’d estimate I’ve been to between 50-100 Bills games in my life and this one was around No. 10 in terms of bad weather at best. No big deal, but a big enough deal to count Fitz’s performance as valid.

— Solid day for Brian Moorman. He hasn’t had a great year, but No. 8 showed up for Buffalo this afternoon.

— Some critics have cited his lack of top-level speed, but Arthur “Don’t Cross the” Moats is up to 20 tackles and two sacks as a rookie. On a Bills team that could afford to spend each of its draft picks on defense, Moats’ continued improvement could allow them to focus on a true middle backer or more stud linemen come the first few days if April’s draft.

— A healthy Terrence McGee is a big deal for this team.

— Can anyone make a read on Drayton Florence? He seems to be a real feast or famine player for this team in that each play involving him seems to either be a major defensive stop or a flop. Florence had some nice plays on Sunday, but also committed a combination of penalties and other gaffes.

— The Bills 5-for-14 third-down conversion rate and 60 percent time of possession were nice statistical moments for the “Rebillding” team.

This week’s cut…

In a world without financial ramifications, I’d want to cut Evans today, but he’s pretty good at football. Tough year for the Bills, and No. 83 could be playing through injury right now.

Stat line I liked…

Jonathan Stupar, three catches, 45 yards

— Throw in David Martin and the Bills had a real tight end for a day (or at least Shawn Nelson).

Stat line I didn’t like…

Peyton Hillis, 21 carries, 108 yards // four receptions, 10 yards

— Sure, these numbers may even be below the numbers the Bills have allowed all year, but that underscores how poor Buffalo has been against the rush during the 2010 campaign.


It rained a lot, but it wasn’t a big deal. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Next week…

Bills and ‘Phins in Miami. In the world I live in — where I want my son’s lifetime record as a Bills fan to be above .500 at the end of this season — this one feels like a good one. Bills 25, Miami 16. Big week for Stevie Johnson. 4-10. Deal with it, draft nerds.


2 Responses to Immediate Reactions: Bills 13, Browns 6

  1. Stat line I didn’t like

    Two years, Two games, Two teams, 27 points, 1 TD

    It’s not like these are two defensive powerhouses

    Also, can you really not narrow down the number of Bills games you have been to better than 50-100. You must have had some real fun before you started reporting on them, lol.