Ladies, gents and advanced toddlers,

The in-season for sports writers is back and I’ll be here a little bit but I want to let you know where to find me. I’ll be covering the Bills and Sabres for the Associated Press this season under my boss John Wawrow (mostly game coverage) as well as doing a number of feature and opinion pieces on sports and the city for the good folks at Buffalo.com. I will try to drop links here as they happen. Here’s what you may have missed so far:

I love that Score went to this throwback style of card. Favorite football card style of my youth

July 22: Can the Bills be a surprise team in 2013?

July 15: News report on Jairus Byrd. The NFL AP site is a must bookmark.

July 8: The fella behind the Outer Harbor Concert Series

July 1: Hard to trust Regier even after a good-looking draft

Bills Raps and other tomfoolery will be soon-to-follow.



2 Responses to I’M STILL WRITING

  1. Leelee Phoenix says:

    You abandoned your site.

    My comments will probably get blocked at other sites.

    Those 89 Score cards were valuable, I like them also.

  2. ST says:

    The only way the Bills can “surprise” this season is with a vastly improved Defense, and not just the LB corp. Though of course that group was, and will probably remain, the weakest link in what has been a nauseatingly fragile defense.

    As far as the QB position: I would be shocked if either Kolb or EJ are even AS GOOD as Fitz, whom you claim couldn’t have been much worse. Plenty of QB’s were in fact worse than Fitz was last year – his putrid deep ball accuracy aside.

    I would be orgiastic if either Kolb (whom I neither hate nor love) or EJ (of whom I remain highly skeptical) threw for 3500 yards, and 25 TD’s – Fitz’s numbers basically.

    Vastly improved Defense + Heavy use of Running Backs = A 2013 Bills team that “might” surprise with maybe 8 wins. I hope I’m wrong. But, then again, I look to the heavens above nearly everyday about some thing or another of which I hope I’m wrong. My prayers are seldom answered. It makes it very hard to be me. :)

    Anyway, Go BILLS!

    P.S. Leelee, should a lass in a glass house really comment about “abandoning” a site? ;)