Former Bills and Bulls in the Playoffs

UB alum James Starks

Seattle: JP Losman, Marshawn Lynch, Lawyer Milloy, Kennard Cox

New England: Shayne Graham, Sammy Morris

NY Jets: Jim Leonhard (Practice squad: Andre Ramsay)

Pittsburgh: Jonathan Scott (Practice squad: Chris Ellis)

Baltimore: Willis McGahee

Indianapolis: Dominic Rhodes, UB’s Mike Newton and Jamey Richard (Practice squad: John Destin)

Kansas City: Ron Edwards

Philadelphia: Jason Peters, Jon Dorenbos

Chicago: Todd Collins

Green Bay: UB’s James Starks

Atlanta: Coy Wire

New Orleans: Anthony Hargrove, Jabari Greer, Kawika Mitchell, Pierson Prioleau


4 Responses to Former Bills and Bulls in the Playoffs

  1. I know that you didn’t include coaches, but our 4 previous HC are coordinators or assistants on playoff teams (Williams – Saints, Mularkey – Falcons, Jauron – Eagles, Fewell – Giants). That may make some people root against teams.

  2. Don’t forget the coaches… Seahawks: Jerry Gray
    Steelers: Dick LeBeau, Sean Kugler
    Colts: Pete Metzelaars, Frank Reich
    Eagles: Bobby April, Dick Jauron
    Bears: Rusty Jones, Gill Byrd (ok, a relative of a Bills player)
    Packers: Tom Clements
    Falcons: Mike Mularkey
    Saints: Gregg Williams