Former Bills and Bulls in the Playoffs

(WECK 1230) — Still deciding your playoff allegiance like me? There are 25 former Buffalo Bills or Bulls involved in the postseason (not counting coaches). Here are the familiar names that may help guide your decision to root… or not to root.

UB alum James Starks

Seattle: JP Losman, Marshawn Lynch, Lawyer Milloy, Kennard Cox

New England: Shayne Graham, Sammy Morris

NY Jets: Jim Leonhard (Practice squad: Andre Ramsay)

Pittsburgh: Jonathan Scott (Practice squad: Chris Ellis)

Baltimore: Willis McGahee

Indianapolis: Dominic Rhodes, UB’s Mike Newton and Jamey Richard (Practice squad: John Destin)

Kansas City: Ron Edwards

Philadelphia: Jason Peters, Jon Dorenbos

Chicago: Todd Collins

Green Bay: UB’s James Starks

Atlanta: Coy Wire

New Orleans: Anthony Hargrove, Jabari Greer, Kawika Mitchell, Pierson Prioleau


4 Responses to Former Bills and Bulls in the Playoffs

  1. I know that you didn’t include coaches, but our 4 previous HC are coordinators or assistants on playoff teams (Williams – Saints, Mularkey – Falcons, Jauron – Eagles, Fewell – Giants). That may make some people root against teams.

  2. Don’t forget the coaches…
    Seahawks: Jerry Gray
    Steelers: Dick LeBeau, Sean Kugler
    Colts: Pete Metzelaars, Frank Reich
    Eagles: Bobby April, Dick Jauron
    Bears: Rusty Jones, Gill Byrd (ok, a relative of a Bills player)
    Packers: Tom Clements
    Falcons: Mike Mularkey
    Saints: Gregg Williams