For Marshawn “Money” Lynch, There Is No Police Offseason

Had to laugh as I checked Twitter before leaving work for the night only to see a Tweet from Marshawn Lynch that is sure to be removed once his agent finds out or his mom gets home from Bingo.

Precious. It appears one of the most unpleasant people I’ve ever covered is still living the dream of blissful ignorance. Yes, Marshawn, given your porcelain record, we’re sure it’s a case straight out of the “Doing 55 in a 54” playbook and not something similar to carrying firearms in a illegally-tinted vehicle without license plates. Tell us more, Felony Mode.

(Certainly police abuse and/or discrimination is nothing to laugh about, but MarshawnLynch doesn’t exactly inspire images of innocence nor honesty)

2 Responses to For Marshawn “Money” Lynch, There Is No Police Offseason

  1. bill s. says:

    the predator strikes again!

  2. I’d like to know what Lynch is accused of doing before assuming our corrupt police state is right.