Despite perceived game gaffe, liking Chan

Dick Jauron said nothing in his press conferences. Gailey doesn’t exactly give away the farm, either, but I love that he genuinely gives off the sense that football media cliches don’t mean much to him. Take his answer to the “franchise quarterback” question relating to Ryan Fitzpatrick.

“I know he’s played awfully well. I don’t get into all of that because I think that the guy continues to grow and get better.  You all put terms like franchise quarterback on him, we don’t.  The guy’s a winner.  I know that, I know he’s a winner.  Don’t make me put some kind of other term on him.  Carry some kind of other kind of connotation.  I don’t like that.  The guy knows how to win, I like that.  I’m glad he’s on our side.”

That just works for me. There’s a more stern Lindy Ruff approach to him, and it’s well-noted how I feel about the great mustache behind the Sabres bench.


One Response to Despite perceived game gaffe, liking Chan

  1. “I wasn’t too complimentary of T. Chandler Gailey’s choice to kick a field goal rather than plow ahead on 4th-and-1. By the end of the afternoon, it was inconsequential — in a direct sense — to the win column for Buffalo”

    It was actually very consequential. The Bills won by three points. If they had failed to convert the 4th, it could have cost them the day in overtime.