Could Leinart be Buddy’s boy? Bills Deny Report

Zack Kassian, I mean, Matt Leinart

(WECK 1230) — Could Matt Leinart be moving toward Hamburg instead of Hollywood?

Connecting the dots, if Pro Football Talk had a report that the Cardinals were interested in Arizona boy Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Adam Schefter is reporting that the Bills are looking into Matt Leinart, then they may have an edge on the other teams mentioning in Schefter’s report, the Raiders and the Giants.

Yet the reliable Chris Brown of reports that Schefter’s report is erroneous, which genuinely means he’s been told such a thing. However, let’s assume the Bills are playing it close to the vest and proceed.

The trade makes more sense for the Buddy Nix’s Bills and the Giants than Oakland. Sure, the Raiders would be putting Leinart in his old USC haunt, but Jason Campbell is not only an investment they’ve made, but a more proven commodity. Out in New York, he’d be no more than insurance for Eli Manning, but the Giants have Jim Sorgi and Rhett Bomar backing up their prized quarterback. Would Leinart be better?

Forget better than Sorgi and Bomar, how about Edwards and Fitzpatrick. Sure, Leinart hasn’t ever been “handed the keys,” but numbers are numbers.

Edwards- 32G, 29GS*, 61.3 comp, 5498 yards, 24 TD, 25 INT, 77.9 rating

Fitzpatrick-28G, 24GS*, 57.8 comp, 4104 yards, 21 TD, 27 INT, 67.7 rating

Leinart – 29G, 15GS*, 57.1 comp, 3893 yards, 14 TD, 20 INT, 70.8 rating

*In our case, we used games of significance (GS) rather than games started, because Edwards coming in for J.P. Losman against the Patriots isn’t a game started, but he played a ton of it. The feeling is that will average out with the games in which a player is injured early.

There are reasons to try out Leinart, and reasons not to. One of the latter may be PR. Sure, the new guy in town is always a sexy move, but the first time he struggles you’ll see blue collar fans pointing out that when you do a Google Image search on the quarterback you’ll find way more pictures of Matt partying than Matt starting. Not only that, for some reason the media makes a bigger deal out of white athletes illegitimate children than other races, so you’ll hear a lot about Brynn Cameron and their child support woes/battle.

It does seem unfair that a guy that does this in his mid-twenties (which not many do)…

… gets more press for doing this in his mid-twenties (which many do).

Then again, Leinart’s only season with significant playing time was better than Edwards’ first campaign, so perhaps Chan Gailey can do something with the hunk. In two more games, Leinart threw for 900 more yards, four more touchdowns and four more interceptions.  Leinart has two years left on his rookie deal, which pays $5 million in each of the next two seasons, so there is more time to evaluate. Edwards, as well as Fitzpatrick and Brian Brohm, would be free agents after the season. A big issue regardless is that Leinart doesn’t have a super strong arm, and Ralph Wilson Stadium has super strong winds. Seems reason enough to avoid the move altogether.

So, I wouldn’t be totally against the move since this season is a “feeling out” situation in most fans’ minds. Although, if Gailey is really trying to give Edwards one more kick at the can, then it wouldn’t be right to shake up what is right now a perfectly content camp that No. 5 is their best option… at least from what we’ve heard so far.


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8 Responses to Could Leinart be Buddy’s boy? Bills Deny Report

  1. Leinart is much more into being Matt Leinart than he is being a pro football player. If you can’t be successful in Arizona with those WR and offense they have, you definitely can not be successful in Buffalo with our offense.

  2. I can imagine the jealousy and irrational hate from bitter tiny town Buffalo towards someone as attractive and successful as Leinart the California boy. Bring it on. Problem is he sucks. ARZ has given him every opportunity and he’s as accurate as Fitzpatrick. I’d rather have Edwards starting, and that’s saying something.

  3. I think he would be O.K. as a backup only. Trent has WAY more upside/accuracy (believe it or not). And I think Trent is more mobile. Trent also has a stronger arm.

    However… eh.. sure as a backup!

  4. You’re not going to trade for a backup that has a $7.5M salary next season, though. This will probably end up in ARZ having to cut Leinart at some point.

  5. Good evening folks, Leinart has too weak of an arm. I love hoses and a hose he does not have! Will we get him? Don’t know Don’t care!