Cookies for Rookies: Bills kids learn about town

VIDEO of C.J. Spiller interview

VIDEO of Naaman Roosevelt interview

(WECK 123o) — For the second-straight year, I found the Buffalo Bills rookies on their introductory tour of the city. Last year, my time with them occurred at New Era and the Commercial Slip. This year, my schedule only allowed for a stop at Spot Coffee on Chippewa.

So, it was cookies for the rookies who were clad in massive grey Bills sweatshirts.

Along with my friend Dan Fisher from Skunkpost, I interviewed two first-year guys. I talked to C.J. Spiller and Naaman Roosevelt, both of which you’ll be able to see in their entirety at a little later. I was going to talk to Torrell Troup, but he had some quesadillas to eat (Wasn’t about to stop the guy we need to be huge stop from getting bigger, was I?)

I decided that the Bills organization might’ve gotten off easy last year. After all, none of the guys were from Western New York on the 2009 tour. Naaman Roosevelt went to St. Joe’s and UB. Certainly he’d be able to tell me if the team was doing a service to the city or not with this trip.

“There are some things that I learned about here (today),” Roosevelt said. “Going over the skyway and seeing the old factories and things like that, I’m just learning about them. I’m having a great time.”

Roosevelt said he doesn’t mind being an ambassador to the city for his new Bills teammates.

“I told them that summer does get hot here,” he said. “They’ll definitely see heat, but they will have to get used to the cold.”

By the time they reach the pros, even guys like Florida-raised and Clemson-school Spiller have seen their share of snow.

“I had my first snow experience while I was at (Clemson),” Spiller said. “It’s going to be nothing surprising, just how many feet there will be.”

Early in his time in Buffalo, Spiller’s already been struck by the history and feel of the city and its people.

“All the tradition that’s here,” Spiller said “Being not the biggest city, but to have so much tradition is awesome and amazing. You can always learn something about Buffalo and that’s what I’m going to learn however long I’m here.”

Spiller said he’s slowly and steadily learning about life in the National Football League, and that he won’t be overwhelmed by the workload.

“You realize early on that it’s a business and you have to be very responsible about yourself,” Spiller said. “The main thing for me is to take it one day at a time.”

Unlike the first-round running back, Roosevelt has a long way to go to make the Bills roster. The wide receiver is getting used to professional football.

“It’s definitely different,” Roosevelt said. “Just with the terminology and how they want things to go. I’m starting to get used to it now. The speed is definitely different, but I’m starting to get used to it.”

“You definitely gotta be confident, but I’m still proving myself and giving it all I have. I’m ready to show my ability.”

Lastly, Roosevelt weighed in on how his alma mater will look next year under new coach Jeff Quinn.

“They’re going to be great. They got a great defense coming back and the quarterback situation is going well now. They got good wide receivers, so they’re definitely going to be good.”

On the topic of another Buffalo sports team, I talked to Spiller about his first ever Sabres game.

“It was a great experience,” Spiller said. “The guys plays hard. I got them a win so I can always say I’m 1-0 when going to the game.”

Here’s hoping he becomes a season ticket holder.


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