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Immediate Reactions: Buffalo Bills 17, New England Patriots 9

I really wanted to write a lengthy diatribe on the end of the Bills season, and how Buffalo showed us what could’ve been, blahblahblahBillsyblah. But this game didn’t deserve it. This offense didn’t deserve it. This defense deserves a ton of credit, but whatever. I’m just letting you know that if you’re looking for IR’s… Continue Reading

Immediate Reactions: Oakland Raiders 26, Buffalo Bills 24

Look, I don’t have a ton to say here. I’m all tapped out. Watching this “offensive” head coach, his quarterbacks and several offensive linemen completely waste an incredible season of defensive football has me devoid of emotion. Cold, numb, callous: pick a word to describe what nearly a decade and a half of futility has… Continue Reading

Immediate Reactions: Buffalo Bills 21, Green Bay Packers 13

ALLLLLL THE FIELD GOALS This was my lead for paragraph for most of the game: “Perhaps the next time your favorite football team brings an average-at-best quarterback out of retirement with a legit chance that he could end up starting for your football team, you’ll consider taking up another hobby for a few months.” Fortunately… Continue Reading

Immediate Reactions: Denver Broncos 24, Buffalo Bills 17

Kyle Orton against the Jets — 34/59, 468 yds, 6 TD, 0 INT, 5 times sacked Kyle Orton against everyone else — terrible But really Orton against everyone else — 191/299, 1887 yds, 8 TD, 7 INT, 21 times sacked This isn’t being dramatic: With the exception of two games, the Bills starting quarterback has not… Continue Reading

Immediate Reactions: Buffalo Bills 26, Cleveland Browns 10

Immediate Reactions: Buffalo Bills 26, Cleveland Browns 10

Two touchdowns in 10 seconds helped Bills fans get over a horrible, horrible first half, as Buffalo’s defense and a timely fourth-down conversion sprung the Bills to their seventh win of the seasons, an absolutely necessary ‘W’ for anyone harboring playoff hopes. — I have to wonder if Kyle Orton’s toe injury is affecting his… Continue Reading


At the risk of sounding preachy, I need to get this off my chest and don’t have a radio show because #goldenoldies and #BillyOceanBSides. There are good and bad people in our world. All of them make mistakes. This group of “people” includes garbage men, football players, senators, ministers, judges, sports writers, doctors, zookeepers, jazz… Continue Reading

Immediate Reactions: Buffalo Bills 38, New York Jets 3

Cheers to the Buffalo Bills tonight for: Outclassing a bad New York Jets team… Taking some chances with play calling… Lifting the spirits of a city that’s gone through tons (of snow and ice)… Having Scott Chandler, whose snow shovel celebration was almost as good as anything he’s done in a Bills uniform… — You… Continue Reading

Immediate Reactions: Miami Dolphins 22, Buffalo Bills 9

Ryan Tannehill took a shot down the field in the early fourth quarter of Miami’s second-half cakewalk over the Buffalo Bills. The pass down the middle was well-defended by Stephon Gilmore, but a “letter of the law” pass interference call gave Miami a first down that became a touchdown moments later. And then Phil Simms… Continue Reading

Immediate Reactions: Kansas City Chiefs 17, Buffalo Bills 13

These are the sort of games that probably trouble broadcasters, reporters, writers and fans who are used to winning, but they aren’t a problem for Bills folks who haven’t seen the team 6-3 since 1999. It wasn’t sexy, exciting or even all-that-entertaining, but the Buffalo Bills did what was necessary to beat a Kansas City… Continue Reading

Why the Sabres are underachieving your already-low expectations

Why the Sabres are underachieving your already-low expectations

A co-worker quizzed me yesterday as to why the Sabres are playing even worse than they did last season, when they arguably had a bit more talent on the whole. After a bit of thinking, I come here to you from the press box with two major reasons for the extra bad start to the… Continue Reading