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Immediate Reactions: 2013 Bills

My “Immediate Reactions” posts will go up at this year. Look for them shortly after every game!… Continue Reading

Get Yourself A New Club: EPL 2013/14

My annual guide to picking an EPL team + 2013/14 predictions column is now posted at Enjoy!… Continue Reading


Ladies, gents and advanced toddlers, The in-season for sports writers is back and I’ll be here a little bit but I want to let you know where to find me. I’ll be covering the Bills and Sabres for the Associated Press this season under my boss John Wawrow (mostly game coverage) as well as doing… Continue Reading

If you’re going to compare James to Jordan…

Good (??) news… I haven’t died. Just laying low for a good period of time. Will see you soon quite regularly but I need to get my current events writing in shape. So let’s start with a topic I don’t particularly enjoy: defending LeBron James. In a lot of ways, opinion writing becoming a daily… Continue Reading

Glorious & Laborious Journey Home

Thanks in advance for indulging me. This is the map of the route my family will be taking home to Buffalo from Louisiana after four months of hanging out with LSU sports, Zapata’s Mexican Restaurant and a bunch of trips to New Orleans. We want to make sure we don’t miss anything cool along the… Continue Reading

Earning Scholarships at LSU with (maybe) Zach Mettenberger

This evening was a beautiful one in Baton Rouge and on the way home from dinner my wife decided she wanted to pick up some supplies for her final week of teaching down South. For savings sake, she wanted to stop at a mega store whose existence makes me want to dive into a dumpster… Continue Reading

Dogs Are The Best, Right Up Until The End

Dogs Are The Best, Right Up Until The End

Life’s kinda rough. Not saying it’s isn’t beautiful or anything like that, but to be frank the best part is easily those who love you. The ones who choose to love you are pretty awesome and the ones that pretty much have to get a slightly bigger high-five. Then there are dogs, who have to… Continue Reading

Words For A Maybe Mentor

BACKGROUND: I’ve been hoping to find an inspirational college professor (TA, actually) for years and may have done so today. I wanted to share what I wrote to him, because it shows: A) the depths of my lunacy 2) a decent-enough life lesson Hope at least one of you enjoys it… Robert, Did you teach… Continue Reading

On “Long” Rebuilds and Sabres-less Playoffs

I’ve been preparing for my return to Buffalo and Friday gig hosting for Rich Gaenzler on 1270 The Fan in Buffalo, and I find it only fair to put some of my prepwork online. While I could bore you with tales of an LSU baseball team that is 43-6 (!!), let’s kick this off with… Continue Reading

NFL Draft: AAAAAAH! Real Drafters?!?

So the NFL Draft is upon us and we’re officially reading the most overthought draft posts of the year, whether they be fake drafts or dudes who’ve watched a lot of Youtube clips. Yet there are some extremely pertinent questions about not just the Buffalo Bills but the league in general heading into Thursday night’s… Continue Reading