Best of… Interviews

Here are some of my favorite interviews I’ve conducted:

Michael Kenneth Williams
Michael K Williams 041311
On what? He played Omar Little in “The Wire” and is Chalky White in “Boardwalk Empire.” So… those things and more!

Will Johnson
Will Johnson Centro-matic
On what? Will had a new album coming out, “Candidate Waltz”, and also talked about his love for baseball and his baseball oil paintings.

Chris Nowinski
Chris Nowinski
On what? Chris, formerly known as WWE wrestler Chris Harvard, is at the forefront of the study of concussions and CTE, the devastating disease that follows some head injuries.

Michael Schur
Chuck Wade 041811
On what? The former “The Office” writer — who also played Mose Schrute — and current “Parks and Recreation” writer talked TV and baseball… Moneyball.

Jeremy Clifton
Jeremy Clifton 042111
On what? Jeremy is a Buffalo-native who pulled a man from the electric rail of a subway in Atlanta, saving his life. Inspiring to say the least.

Interview with Chad Coleman
Chad Coleman 042911
On what? Chad played Cutty Wise on HBO’s “The Wire” and was preparing for the release of a slew of films, including “The Green Lantern.”

Karl Kani
On what? The iconic fashion designer essentially told his life story to me. It was fun.